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Thread: Files to Consider for a Nice Experience

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    Default Files to Consider for a Nice Experience

    Looking for a sweet FS9 Citation X, then try these files.
    Alejandro Rojas's Citation X
    David Durst's Citation X Panel
    Christoffer Petersen Citation Sound

    Also try John Cillis's "Soft Effects" texture files.
    Finally, TNW 2019 really does add depth to the scenery in FS9 and is worth trying.

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    Thanks mate. Will check it out.
    I have David Durst's Lear 45 panel with the default with updated FDE. Fun little bizjet. I'll give the Citation X a whirl.

    OMG I wish someone would do a Gulfstream G550/650 etc. Holy sexy airframe Batman!

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    As an honorable mention, try Premier's LJ 60:

    The flight dynamics are quite accurate (the LJ 60 is larger than the LJ 45 and it tends to drive more like a truck) and the install is pretty much all inclusive (install it and fly). The only thing I added were some more repaints and some interior lighting effects. The sound package is quite nice as well.

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