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Thread: How to set or change start time for Jet engines ?

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    Default How to set or change start time for Jet engines ?

    Hallo everybody

    does somebody know where i can get the information after how many seconds engine.0 and engine.1 starts.
    If I understood it right we can see the startup visually by the startup smoke effect from each engine.

    For example :
    The Milviz F15 Eagle brings the start up smoke effect of engine_type = 1 = Jet
    engine.0 after 32 seconds and
    engine.1 after 57 seconds .
    Are there maybe some specific entry's wich i can change in the sound.cfg or in the Aircraft.cfg

    Any help i would appreciate
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    I'm no expert, but I think its table 1505 in the air file isnt it that relates to the start up?

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