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Thread: Can't Find A Folder

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    Default Can't Find A Folder

    I've have an aircraft I want to delete, but I can't find the folder!

    Christopher Tarana
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    Alpha AH-64 ?
    Alphasim Ah-64 ?
    Virtavia AH-64 ?

    I'm good at wild ###ed guesses.

    Was this Alpha/Virtavia or were you downloading from one of those back-alley sites?

    If you have FS Repaint loaded, normally you could load the a/c then get the file path from the texture files. In this case, I'm guessing (again) it may have been used as AI?
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    Well, in FS9 it's pretty simple - it must be in the FS2004/Aircraft folder. The obvious thing is to look in all the logically named folders (folders with AH-64, Alphasim, Virtavia, etc. in their name) and open the aircraft.cfg file by double clicking it. Then look for a line:

    ui_variation = IAF APACHE

    If that doesn't work, try this:

    1. In the Aircraft folder create a folder called Removed.
    2. Drag or Cut/Paste all of the suspect aircraft folders into this Removed folder.
    3. In FS9 Aircraft/Select Aircraft.
    4. Is it still there?
    5. Narrow down the search by bring back each folder and then repeating step 3.
    Tom Gibson

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    I'll give that a shot! I believe the file was downloaded from!

    Thanks, Tom!

    Christopher Tarana

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    Quote Originally Posted by CTarana45 View Post
    I'll give that a shot! I believe the file was downloaded from!

    Thanks, Tom!

    Christopher Tarana
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    I think what happened is folders in Windows can be dragged with the mouse! I suspect that's what happened here!

    Thanks, Guys!

    Christopher Tarana

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    I'd do it the easy way.

    You have two options:

    1) Use Fileseek and search for the words "IAF Apache" to search in the FS9 folder or any words from the description. Now Fileseek will find the aircraft.cfg file and as a consequence you'll see it's path. i.e folder name.

    2) Use Everything.exe and under the Search option chose Advanced Search and enter IAF Apache in the option called "A word or phrase in the file."
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    I'm downloading the file now!

    Christopher Tarana

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    I've had this type of issue before, took me a while to find certain aircraft because they were not listed as an aircraft type, but just a word!!

    there's a program i have (on a partially working comp) that helps you find certain aircraft...

    if i ever get back to it ill upload it as the website that made it isnt working anymore

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    It found this one fine, Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow US Army, this is one that belongs there! Windows says the Fs9\Aircraft folder has 30,000 files in it! I have no issues with ignoring it!

    Christopher Tarana

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