Can anyone please advise?
I'm a newby to flight sims but I'm getting the hang of it slowly. I have Extreme Landings (free version) on my macbook, working fine. I've purchased the flight simulator add on so I can free fly between airports.
My issue is I'm not sure how to read the map regarding landing as I can never work out the direction of the runway. I can take off, use the auto pilot to set my course but the final approach is never in line with the runways so I usually overshoot turn and try to land then invariably crash.
Can anyone advise with how I work out the direction of the runway at the airports and maybe give me a few pointers on approach - speed, height, distance before descending, use of flaps etc. I usually come in too fast and too high or low because I'm not lined up with the runway.
Thanks for any help.