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Thread: Dc3 Airways commemorates the 76th anniversary of Operation Varsity

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    Default Dc3 Airways commemorates the 76th anniversary of Operation Varsity

    Commemorating the 76th anniversary of Operation Varsity

    DC3 Airways will be conducting a virtual re-enactment of a part of the March 1945 Operation Varsity on Saturday 20th and Tuesday 23rd March 2021. The actual operation took place 24th March 1945. Within 6 weeks of the operation the war in Europe would be over.

    The airborne forces had some 16% casualties in 24 hours. The town of Wesel, bombed by a force of Lancaster bombers, was laid waste the night before. Such is the brutal consequences of total war. This event seeks not to glorify or judge, but to commemorate the actions of those crewmen who flew low and slow in unarmed and unarmoured prop aircraft whilst under the most brutal anti aircraft fire they had ever experienced.
    Following on from the airborne assault were 240 American B24 bombers to drop supplies at low level. 15 of the B24's were shot down and scores more damaged.

    Operation varsity was the largest single day airborne operation in history.
    it's objective was to insert 2 airborne divisions, British 6th and American 17th, in an area just north West of the town of Wesel.
    The airborne divisions were to capture bridges over the Issel river and the high ground west of the small town of Hamminkeln.
    In this way they could prevent artillery attack upon the forces conducting the river assault from the region of Xanten.

    From 11 airfields in England and 12 in France the air armada carrying paratroopers or towing gliders, met up south east of Brussels near the town of Wavre, before continuing in a 4 hour long stream of aircraft to their objectives.

    Our event will seek to emulate the troop carrier pilots that transported the paratrooper component of the 17th US Airborne division.

    We will use all 4 of the airfields that were used on March 24th 1945 with formations made up as follows:

    XPLANE pilots - LFOR Chartres - flight leader 1026 Johann

    FSX pilots - XB54 Achiet - flight leader 1056 Paul

    P3D v4.5 - LFXM (A80) Mourmelon le Grand - flight leader 996 Glen

    P3D v 5.1 - XA79 Prosnes - flight leader 1161 Roy

    Flight plans for each formation will be supplied using the historical routes, waypoints and short range Navaids meticulously placed per mission order documents of the time.

    Scenery has been created for 3 of the 4 airfields, with LFOR remaining as a stock airport for all concerned.

    Files for the visual and sound effects of 20mm and 88mm flak and also heavy machine guns with tracer fire etc. have been created to authentically represent the 'reception committee' in the area. These were created based on intelligence maps of the time regarding AAA positions in the area and on first hand accounts of the actual flak encountered.

    In addition to the ground effects, other effects have been assigned to landing lights, navigation lights and beacon lights. Therefore these should only be switched on when instructed by a flight leader.

    A video of the event will be made for Sherman Kaplan's PR role but more especially at the request of relatives of C47 and glider pilots who are aware of the event via a Facebook group I belong to, which includes individuals living in a village near one of the airfields and who supplied me with photos of the airfields from the period.

    We are soon going to be at a point where the files involved can be distributed via a webpage.

    There is nothing more difficult or complicated about this event than a normal multiplayer flight. Instead of one formation we will have 4, that is all. Each group will be flying a flight plan as normal, with the additional help of flying close to the guy up front who will be doing the navigation, timings and instructing on what to do and when. It just requires flying as 140 knots and maintaining 2000'.

    All formations will be flying at 2000' and 140 knots.

    It is recommended that a Swift model set specifically for this event is created and tested, to include the Flight Replicas freeware 36 x C47 model, which has no impact on frame rates.

    On the subject of frame rates etc., for those with perhaps lower spec machines/graphics cards, it is suggested that you move the sliders for cloud draw distance, autogen detail, vegetation detail etc. to normal or less so that your simulation is running smoothly with no lag etc..

    There is a lower resolution Ai C47 that you can add to your model set too and have everyone else rendered as to alleviate any problems with FPS caused by so many participants.

    A further announcement will be made in due course when the web page is available, and will include a full background of the event, installation instructions, navigation details etc. and details concerning your start up file with time, date, weather and fuel/cargo load outs.


    Here are some informative website links too. ... ld-war-ii/ ... on-varsity ... rsity.html

    You can contact me at glenishome at btopenworld dot com with the subject stating Varsity

    For this event you will need either FSX, P3D or XPlane simulation software. You will also need to have Teamspeak (TS3) installed. Server details for TS3 will be supplied nearer the time with the server password. Distribution of the server details will be by email only.

    The mission takes place on one of our FSD servers and you will need swift software, duly configured, to participate.
    I can email Austin with the server details later and screenshots to show how swift can be configured. I will also be hosting 2 familiarisation sessions nearer the time to acquaint non DCA members with the details of joining etc..

    Here are some youtube links to show you what to expect.

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    The web page for this event will soon be available and provide participants with the means to download and install the scenery, effects and flight plans etc..

    In order to participate you will need to have installed on your system the following scenery utility software:

    Teamspeak 3 (which provides the means for communications between pilots)
    This is available from the following

    Swift (which provides the server environment for pilots to fly together on)
    This can be downloaded from:

    Make sure that you download the correct version. If you are flying FSX, FSX (SE) or P3D V3 these are 32 bit applications and will require the 32 bit version of Swift even though your operating system might be 64 bit.

    Details regarding the TS3 server and password and the swift server and password will be made available in this thread in due course.

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    Default Varsity Event with DC3 Airways

    The website will likely go live after 12th March.

    Apologies for the delay but there has been much to prepare.

    If anyone who wishes to participate posts their email here I can email the smaller files for sound, effects and flight plans for Little Navmap.

    Please state your flight simulator software and version e.g. P3D v4.5.

    Comms will be via teamspeak 3

    The mission will be flown connected to our server via Swift.

    if you don't have either of these software installed yet I would recommend you download them (remember to install the correct version for your software) for ready when I contact you via email with the server details.

    Unfortunately no entries can be permitted for MSFS users as it does not have a DC3 in it's inventory.

    So FSX, FSX (SE), P3D v3.2, P3D v4.5, P3D v5.1 and XPlane users are most welcome however.

    We hope to have in excess of 20+ pilots.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	nav1  (Custom).jpg 
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ID:	225667Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Varsity Event with DC3 Airways

    The webpage is now available for the Varsity event and has links to the various software packages depending on your choice of flight simulator software.

    The optional scenery libraries do not apply to XPlane. They are worth installing as you will then get 10 airfields populated with static C47's, vehicles, aircrew, bull dozers, tents, vehicles, cargo, oil drums etc..

    You must fly a DC3/C47 aircraft, preferably in a military livery
    Join the TS3 channel for your specific software
    Join the server via Swift no later than 18:45z on 20th March
    Follow instructions of the formation leader
    take off at intervals no greater than 5 seconds
    all formations except P3D v5.1 to cruise at 2000' and 140 knots

    P3D v5.1 will climb to 2500'
    Try to remain between 0.4 and 1.2 miles of your flight leader
    crash detection off
    landing lights, navigation lights and beacon lights all off
    Landing lights initiate the paratroopers - only do so when instructed (not available for XP users)
    remain behind the formation leader at all times, he will control the navigation and airspeed to arrive at the Marfak beacon at a specific time.
    Refresh your Little Navmap scenery and deactivate Navigraph so that the NDB's show up with frequencies
    Have cockpit and environment sound set to 100% and engines to 40%

    As a minimum, set the general weather settings so that you have the same clouds and winds and visibility.
    XP users be advised that your model set must consist of CSL files so that the other pilots can be rendered from your model set.

    Here is the link where you can get all the files.

    Download and install the software, modify your aircraft.cfg as required (does not apply to XP users)

    XPlane pilots create a start up flight at LFOR OFF runway10
    P3D v4.5 pilots do so at XA79 off runway 08
    P3D v5.1 pilots do so at LFXM off runway 11

    We will be connecting to the server via Swift

    Server details as follows:
    ID = Varsity
    password = VAR1

    Comms via TS3 server:

    Server name MP6
    Server IP address =
    password = var1

    Start up flight parameters:

    date 24th march 1945 at 06:45z
    fuel = 30% aux and 70% main

    total take off weight 26287lbs

    weather as follows:

    Weather settings for Varsity event 20th and 23rd March 2021
    SPECIFIC WEATHER SETTINGS EGTY Kalkar ( place aircraft at EDLX)
    Base Tops Type Density Turbulence
    1500 2500 Stratus 6/8 Heavy
    3000 6000 Cumulus 3/8 Moderate
    28000 30000 Cirrus 2/8 None
    Layer Altitude Speed (knts) Gusts (knts) Turbulence From
    Surface 1200 7 7 Light 140°
    layer 2 2000 7 7 Heavy 140°
    layer 3 3000 9 9 Moderate 140°
    Base Tops Distance (miles)
    0 1500 5
    1501 3000 3
    3001 10000 20

    Base Tops Type Density Turbulence
    3000 6000 Cumulus 3/8 moderate
    28000 30000 Cirrus 4/8 none
    Layer Altitude Speed (knts) Gusts (knts) Turbulence From
    Surface 1000 7 7 None 140°
    layer 2 2000 11 11 Heavy 140°
    layer 3 3000 15 15 Heavy 133°
    Base Tops Distance (miles)
    0 10000 20

    For non XP software, create a Varsity specific lights section in your aircraft.cfg so that you have the paratrooper function aligned to the landing lights.
    Substitute your current lights section with the following:

    //new MJ
    //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing, 6=taxi, 7=recognition, 8=wing, 9=logo, 10=cabin
    //light.0 = 1, -57.65, 0.00, 13.6, fx_beacon , //un-comment for c47_2 model
    light.0 = 1, -57.65, 0.00, 13.6, fx_beacon_gjb , //un-comment for c47_2 model
    //light.1 = 10, -6.05, -0.00, 2.5, fx_c47_vclight ,
    light.2 = 10, -5.05, 0.00, 2.3, fx_vclight_c47v3 ,
    light.3 = 10, -26.00, 0.00, 3.28, fx_vclight ,
    light.4 = 10, -32.00, 0.00, 3.28, fx_vclight ,
    //light.5 = 10, -38.00, 0.00, 3.28, fx_vclight ,
    light.5 = 5, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, fx_ParaP3Dv4b ,
    light.6 = 2
    light.7 = 3, -5.00, -10.00, 0.00, fx_engFire.fx
    //light.7 = 3
    light.8 = 10, 0, 0, 0, fx_beacon_gjb3.fx

    A reminder that segments of this flight simulator event will be put into a video which will be edited togeher and provided to veterans and their families as per their request.

    I would request therefore that any comms be kept relevant to the event and that you attempt to fly the route as accurately and realistically as possible. This is a tribute the the aircrew and paratroopers who risked so much and in many cases made the ultimate sacrifice on 24th march 1945.
    This year is the 76th anniversary of Operation Varsity. This is an attempt by DC3 Airways to pay tribute to those who flew low and slow in unarmed aircraft to help free Europe.

    We hope to have 20+ participants. We hope the internet gods are with us and that we have no major issues with the servers.

    Lest we forget.
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    The swift client can be downloaded from:

    teamspeak 3 client can be installed from:

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    Time is running out for anyone wishing to participate.

    here is the link to the downloads

    Please email me at glenishome At btopenworld dot com for assistance.

    you will need teamspeak and swift installed and configured for the servers

    Please only participate if you have genuinely activated all the scenery and effects etc. and are familiar with flying the DC3/C47.

    A video will be created of this event for veterans so adhering to the flight plan, comms disciplines and formations will be essential to make this event successful.

    For those that are going to fly this with others or solo, enjoy!

    It must have been a tremendous sight for the civilians below to see so many aircraft in close formation passing overhead between 1500' and 2500'.

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