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Thread: Stock CJ4 - is it better

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    Default Stock CJ4 - is it better

    Hi all,

    Last time I used the stock CJ4 I was almost horrified...nothing really seemed to work properly. So, have MS fixed this? Can you get through a whole flight without any glitches? Hopefully so, although I'm not considering upgrading yet



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    Don't fly many jets, but I'd try downloading the Working Title CJ4 Mod

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    No worries. I'd say that's just a top up really considering there were quite a few flaws last time I used it. Hopefully they continue to polish!

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    I'm able to fly it reasonably well. It seems rather over-powered, so I takeoff with quite a bit less power than you would think you'd need, and I cut back to climb power pretty much right after getting trimmed after takeoff. I like it well enough for a default.

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    Awesome man, thanks for your feedback. Interesting that you put it in the "default" category, I too was like that - thought it was good for a default - but I'm wanting so much more... This is what forced me to return to P3D, so much more addons available now - obviously. It's the little things like the thrust being too much, or a few other things not working as they should, which put me off it. Hopefully someone releases an addon jet soon, airports relevant to me as well!

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    I believe in a "best of all worlds" approach. I still have FSX installed so I can fly some favorites there--the Captain Sim 727 and 707; the PMDG JS4100 and MD-11; and Dave Maltby's amazing freeware HS121 Trident and BAC-1-11.

    I also have P3D 4.5 and 5 installed. I love P3D5! In my opinion, it still trounces MSFS in every way except ground scenery. I like to fly airliners, freighters, and big turboprops as close to real world as I can. P3D rules that world by far right now. Planes like the Fly the Maddog MD-82 and the PMDG, Aerosoft, and Quality Wings offerings out there are a fantastic experience in P3D!

    We'll see what happens. Once the PMDG and Aerosoft stuff starts coming out, MSFS will potentially become the sim of the future. For now, I am enjoying the A320 with the FlybyWire mods, the 787, the King Air and the Dahr, and the two biz jets. I can get around pretty well with them.

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    Very cool good sir I too was of a similar approach however when I had problems with P3D v5 I had to go back to V4.5, which overall feels to be the better sim right now. I uninstalled MSFS 2020, I know one day it will be the best of the sims, however right now she's still a big work in progress. I truly look forward to it being available with addons in the future, and when this happens it will be outstanding, but for now P3D V4.5 really is an experience that can't be beaten

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    I had stability problems with P3D5 when I first started using it. Turning OFF enhanced atmospherics fixed that. Since then, it has been pretty solid.

    I just had a pretty awesome flight in the CJ-4 from St Louis to Ohare. I got behind on the descent, so I was too high for the first approach to ILS 4R, so I went around and nailed it the second time. -146 FPM, baby! Greased it! I like that little plane. Wish it wasn't quite so twitchy on the pitch side.

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    Yeah P3D V5 felt too much like a work in progress for me. V4.5 really is a finished product in my view, even if it doesn't look quite as good without EA. That said, if you've had to turn EA off in V5, I'd go back to 4.5...much better product in my view.

    Awesome re your CJ4 flight, she sure is a nice machine. Quite slippery from memory so need to do shallow approaches, perhaps some speed brake. Will look forward to sharing more flights as I progress into MSFS 2020 in the coming years

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