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    Default panel and gauge work

    I have been away from FS for a good while. I have been back at the computer building several panels and gauges. (Mostly 2d since I cant do much to alter most VC panels!)

    My name is Scott Thomas. All of my work can be found here on All the panel and gauge work I have done with Milton Shupe is here, as well. My interest is mostly vintage (1940s thru 50s) design GA and mostly hand flyers. It as always been freeware as I have just enjoyed the work. Everything currently is FSX but because of my level of xml ability, most will probably work in 2004

    Since being away I have lost track of all the people who did the panel testing for us in the past. I would like to find someone knowlegable and competent who would interested in flying the panels to be sure they work elsewhere on other computers, and to find what I have overlooked, before I upload them. As always Im kind of a code hack so I can always use help solving coding issues!


    Current project...
    Vintage Navion Panel;
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