My usual training flight is from Liverpool (EGGP) my home airport, to Aldergrove (EGAA). After a while with ILS, GPS and visual approaches I decided to try VOR, both with the A320 and the Navajo.
With both aircraft a VOR landing on 170/350 presented few problems after a bit of practise (and low speed crosswind). The VOR is almost on the centre-line of the runway. For 260/080 (the longer runway) it was a different story with the 9 degree VOR offset. OK with good visibility but with visibility 5 nm I found I could not achieve stabilised flight on the approach in time to make a good landing – but I got plenty of missed approach experience.
Is it a case of me needing to work at it for longer to improve my skills or just a stupid approach that no experienced pilot would try to fly in reduced visibility? Perhaps it’s only GA aircraft that are ever likely to need a VOR approach at this airport and hence the beacon on the shorter runway.
I haven’t been able to find a Video of a low-visibility approach with on-field offset VOR. Would appreciate any references colleagues might have to such.