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Thread: BGL File Scenery not Showing

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    Default BGL File Scenery not Showing

    Hi all,

    Managed to get SimDirector to work. Have converted my scenery to BGL form using Scenery Shortcut, but for some reason the objects won't show. I tried creating an Addon Scenery file (I used a different name, would that matter?) and still had no luck. I tried placing it in either the World or Global scenery folders under P3Dv4 scenery but still had the same problem. Interesting point is that one of my bgl files that I did a while back does work when placed in the world scenery folder. Anyway, any ideas? Let me know, please!

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    Attention all; BUMP - any ideas? Don't know why this has suddenly happened...create BGL from XML, put in scenery folder, doesn't show - needing attention!

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    A scenery .bgl file does not go into \Scenery\World\Scenery (that is for elevation correction files) or \Scenery\Global\Scenery (object files go here).

    It should go to \Addon Scenery\Scenery or some place like that.


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    Indeed I tried Addon Scenery but to no affect. Actually happy with what I've got in the sim currently but will remember this if there ever comes a time to add extra objects. Thanks for your input!

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