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Thread: how on SIMCONNECT_DATA_XYZ structure

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    Default how on SIMCONNECT_DATA_XYZ structure

    Hi guys,

    can anyone suggest how to make variable (A:STRUCT EYEPOINT DYNAMIC ANGLE,degrees) to work? how to put those angle numbers?

    .. and also, can anyone suggest, how to make work (>K:AXIS_PAN_TILT)?
    If I put simple script:
    (A:IS SLEW ACTIVE,bool) ! if{ (>K:EYEPOINT_RIGHT) }
    the viewpoint moves to right, but if I put:
    (A:IS SLEW ACTIVE,bool) ! if{ 10 (>K:AXIS_PAN_TILT) }
    the viewpoint wont tilt. how come?

    thanks for explaining

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    without the 10 there you would send 1 to the k:tilt
    does that make it tilt?

    why is the 10 there. trying to make it tilt 10 degrees?

    (just thinking along. never used that k variable myself and did not look it up before replying.)

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    yes, 10 should be angle. it says in sdk "Sets the tilt of the axis. Requires an angle"

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