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    Default Video Guru's Please

    For the past many years, we've had (5) windowed displays in FS2004 providing our outside windows views in our simulator. (2) individual Matrox Triplehead2go boxes ran all these displays off of (1) super computer.

    The first Triplehead ran the (3) front views. The second Triplehead ran the (2) side displays. Worked Great!!!

    That said, In January of this year 2021, we decided to remove the (3) front displays (including the Triplehead) and replace it with a Samsung 49" CHG so as to remove the unsightly bezels. The front display looks great.

    THE PROBLEM: We cannot get the front display to blend with the side displays. Nothing close after many attempts.

    I have provided a image to better explain the past setup to include the new setup.

    Please... Only those who understand zoom levels, angles, and multi-monitor knowledge. Thank you.


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    No one?

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    One week......asking again. No one able to offer an articulated suggestion?

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