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Thread: FS Traffic - how to convert aircrft to be become usable by FS Traffic?

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    Default FS Traffic - how to convert aircrft to be become usable by FS Traffic?

    I am really stuck now trying to just figure out what do i need to do make aircraft convertible by FS Traffic - FS Traffice (version 1.05) has a traffic convertor, but for every aircraft i have attempted to convert, i get errors saying it cant be done. I have so far only been abl to convert the stock aircraft that came with FSTraffic.

    i have tried aircraft i downloaded in and aircraft that come with addons like Airport 2000 and various other addons. Nothing has worked.

    My question is what exactly do i need to do ensure i am able convert aircraft, is there some special file?

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    I hadn't realized, but my FST version is 2.01. I guess it's newer than yours.
    Are you sure your version is FS2000?

    Anyway, I would download FST 2.01 demo and install it with the serial.
    Try that and see, because most aircraft should install without problem.

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    awesoem you are helping me so much!
    it worked to just install the 2.01 DEMO and it automatically registered the details i had entered for FS Traffic 1.05

    this is great, fs traffic 2 has so many improvements !

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    I'm very glad. I'm interested on making alive FS2000. For me and for others.

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    Where did you download the 2.01 demo/update from? I've spent ages looking for it but can't seem to find anything from a reliable source.


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    I think I downloaded it from Fileplanet
    Try there.

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    Are you aware of any other places to get it from? I can't seem to find it on's library, nor can I find it on Avsim's one.

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    No. I jhave the feeling a couple of years ago it was quite easy to get it. But now, the only place to get it seems to be Fileplanet.
    Do you have a problem downloading it from there?

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    I've never downloaded anything from there, and I'm weary of places I have not downloaded from, so I'd rather get it from somewhere I know first- but I'll look into fileplanet.

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