Hi i have 2 copies of v5 install 1/ on my cockpit with a GTX1070 driving 3 32in curved screens in my cockpit, handles it well the PC struggles in build up areas so must keep the sliders back a little, the second runs on my test PC which is a ageing i7 with a GTX760 works great with a 24in monitor and no stuttering. One thing I will add is I moved over to v5 when Microsoft started trashing FSXSE and then released a copy as freeware prior to the release of MSF. I decided to reinstall SE last week to explore the possibility's of producing a copy of TNW to sort it out, wow Steam has really gone to work on it the 3D trees for my money are better than Orbx I know Orbx are credited with the best quality plus the new mesh is very acceptable, my advice is have a look at FSXSE more airports more aircraft better comparability and runs very stable with lots of improvements. I'm not a insider but to me Lockheed Martin is been limited by Microsoft because of 1/ Microsoft Flight 2/ Lockheed |Martin do not have a entertainment licence for FSX which is the base program.
Hope this helps Howard