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Thread: "visual model could not be displayed" error for Airport 2000 vol2 aircraft

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    Default "visual model could not be displayed" error for Airport 2000 vol2 aircraft

    i have installed Airport 2000 vol2 for fs2000 in windows 10 and although all the airports load and look right, none of the boeing or irbus airliners will work - they all just bring up the error message "visual model could not be displayed" - why would this be happenign and how can i fix it.
    oddly, the MD-83 and King Air Business do work

    could any one be able to help me with this issue, as i stop mes being able to play almost all teh adventures

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    I think sometimes that error can be solved if the aircraft model has a file called (*.nmp.mdl)
    In that case, make the original Aircraft model name from *.mdl to *.bkpmdl and the *.nmp.mdl to *.mdl, so that one gets renamed as the original one.
    I don't know what that happens, it could have something to do with GMAX models, but anyway, I have solved several that way.

    The other option that I think you could make those Adventures work, is to download a similar aircraft as the ones in the Addon (I guess visually you could get better options for some of them), and rename them with the same titles of the originals of the package. (First rename with a backup name the original ones to avoid conflicts, obviously.)
    You could even use the panels, sounds and *.air files of the original ones, which I think can be the best part of those aircraft.

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    awesome this sounds like it shoudl work but i dont quite understand your instructions, all worded in a confusing way

    if i look in one of the faulty aircraft folders (a2v2k_a320_nw) in the model folder i see the following files listed


    so what do i need to change these to?

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    okay neve rmind, i figured out what you were instructing me to do, i was confused by the fact that ther were 3 files in the folder what was being changed to what

    its working now i think - tested a few aircraft and they appear now and are flyable - thank you so very much for this, as i had spent today uninstalling and reinstalling everything for fs2000 thinking i had screwed up some order of things.

    now my other question is where did the lovely dynamic scenery at Meigs Field go? since installing Airport 2000, there is no dynamic scenery at Meigs field, before there is a line of jets now nothing - why would this occur?

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    The Meigs traffic I just discovered it a couple of years ago, and I had it in one of my PC's but not in the other one.
    So I looked and I found that in that last one, I am missing a file called DYNLIB.bgl. If I remove it from the one that has it, Meigs traffic also disappears, so try to check that. In that case I could send you the file, but it might happen that some of your programs has deleted it on purpose, so take that in account in the case you reinstall that file.

    Another possibility is that you (or the programs installed), could have disabled Dynamic Scenery in Display Settings. If that's the case, you just have to set it again, but maybe it was disabled because of conflicts with other addons, FSTraffic, etc., so that's something to check.

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    hi - yes the file is there dynlib.bgl and also i have dynamic scenery on and it is present in other places like Seattle Tacoma - just odd that after i installed Airport 2000 VOL 1 AND vol 2 that it is no longer there, something has been changed somewhere somehow - maybe something in the scenery.cfg file?

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    I don't think that specific change has to do with FS2000.cfg.
    I suppose there have been some changes in Chicago scenery BGL files (Chicago5, Meigs, or maybe some other BGL files). Especially if Airport 2 has Chicago, would be a suspect.
    Check if you have those files, dated 09/1999. If you had newer versions, maybe that's the reason.

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    that would make sense i suppose yes, i will check that

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