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Thread: FSXSE AND Nvidia Inspector in the Modern Age?

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    Default FSXSE AND Nvidia Inspector in the Modern Age?

    I've received much help in another thread to get my ancient Win 7 FSX-boxed sim refurbished and running like never before with the Steam edition. With an i9-10900k oc'd at 5.2 Ghz it doesn't half go. Everything to Ultra, unfeasible frame-rates, no stutters or shimmering effects!
    With its previous incarnation I used Nvidia Inspector to tweak all sorts of graphics settings, anti-aliasing and so on.
    Most of the posts about NVI on this and other forums fade out around 2015 or so.
    I was wondering whether in the modern age anyone bothers with Nvidia Inspector, or if with today's CPUs and GPUs you can just leave them at stock settings?
    PS maybe I should adopt the same strategy for FS2020 and try a first instal in about 2026

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    There haven't been too many changes in how to use Nvidia Inspector, beyond what's available in NickN' Bible, the DX10 guide and similar tweak guides.

    I think you stopped seeing NI settings after P3D2 was released. AA in these do not respond to NI settings (unlike FSX in DX9). Setting up in both P3D and NCP was enough. The biggest tweak was to purchase a 30 Hz monitor, FPS unlocked, VSync and triple buffer on.... All without the need for Inspector.

    For me, there are only two settings in Inspector:
    - power management mode: prefer maximum performance
    - multi display mode (or something similar): set it up according to your computer setup.

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    Hi Imhariano, many thanks for your helpful reply. I used to enjoy fiddling about with all those Inspector settings, not sure how much difference any of it made! Looks like I needn't bother now then. FSXSE is running at a steady 50 fps with everything at ultra, photoscenery, REX4, ASN etc. - wouldn't have believed it possible a few years ago! CPU runs at 5.2 GHz and overclocks itself!

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    Modeen age? dont take this stuff so seriously. Just try and see if it helps on your pc. It's free after all so nothings holding you back. You even said you liked fiddling with it. Just do so again.
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