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Thread: Why would my cursor be moveable on my monitor but not in my VR headset?

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    Default Why would my cursor be moveable on my monitor but not in my VR headset?

    Occasionally when I am starting up MSFS 2020 and I haven't put my headset on yet, I'm using my mouse get things set up. Once the software is loaded and I'm looking at the various windows I have to choose from I'm able to use the cursor on my computer monitor. When I place the headset on, the mouse is frozen in place on the virtual screen.

    Before I place it on my head I can watch the cursor moving on the VR screen and I'll keep moving it on as I slip it on my head. But at a certain point just as I'm slipping it on, the cursor will freeze in place on the VR screen.

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    You need to make sure MSFS is running in full screen, rather than a window (so that you don’t click outside the box)
    Press Alt+Enter for full screen. Hope this helps

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    Default I solved my own problem here.

    It's always best to make sure your headset is controlling things and not the desktop. I had things set wrong.

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