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Thread: MSFS and FSX

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    Default MSFS and FSX

    Is MSFS ready to accept planes from FSX? is this under development? Is it a possibility or am I dreaming?? (I'm mostly interested in the early planes)

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    It's a completely different sim. Converted planes only, and then only when they match the current sim level!

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    They have a "Legacy Converter" available as a free add on from someone that can accomplish this, but even that is no simple task.
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    what a bummer, I guess I'm stuck with my oldies...thanks for the info..

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    Default I saw a converter

    I saw a converter that says it can convert from fsx to msfs but I did not try to use it. I did see someone converted the 737-800 from fsx to be used in msfs and I used it but it had no control panel functional.....


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    Default Things are looking up for MSFS

    I just saw this link of the above mentioned Legacy converter. I'm in the process of downloading MSFS Xbox Game Pass for PC to try it out on my PC and then see if I can start converting and hope it works. God all I'm asking is to be able convert my immense fleet of Flying Boats so I can go on with my normal life

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    Default some planes convert quite well and with cockpit

    yes, some do convert nicely with everything intact including animations and flight dynamics. It is trial and error though. here's an example Tiger Moth I converted

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