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Thread: can hear only voice of co-pilot in cockpit

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    Default can hear only voice of co-pilot in cockpit

    Hi guys, I did something wrong for sure with the keyboard because I've disconnected somehow the voice of the commander for the communication with the ATC and all communication during the flight.
    I can hear far away only the voice of the co-pilote who confirm instructions. please can somebody help me out to hve the commanders voice back which is more fun to play. Tnx in advance for your advice.
    By the way if somebody lives in the "Haute Svoie / France...happy to keep intouch :-)

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    If you use headphones like me, check that they are plugged in properly - I sometimes push the connector too far in and the voices sound far away to me too.
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    I had this same issue while flying recently. 747-8 KJFK to KSAN somewhere over the midwest I lost ATC and all I heard was my co pilots answers. Even when I opened the drop down ATC box there was no text of their commands. I just figured it was a glitch as it hadnt happened before or since..It was kinda strange.

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