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Thread: Where did you fly today ?

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    Default Here's where I landed today

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    I wanted to land at this airport (KTEX) again, but I didn't want to take the time to fly there from another field, so I set up an arrival in the World Map screen. I expected MSFS to start me more or less lined up with RWY 9, with a threshold just past the end of a mesa that drops off abruptly to the valley below. I'd landed there before, after a flight from Montrose, Colo., but it was ugly and I wanted to do it better. I clicked "Fly," and instead of lining up my Beech G36 with RWY 9, MSFS dumped me into the sim on final for RWY 27. But I didn't recognize that in the moment, focused as I was on just landing. The ground rolling by under my plane on this approach--instead of the empty space that precedes the runway from the opposite direction--should've clued me in that I was not landing on RWY 9, but it didn't. And hence, I was not prepared for the slope that reared its ugly head immediately to my right within the last few hundred yards or so of the beginning of the runway. It's a good thing I use TrackIR and turn my head a lot, or I might have run into it. I banked left and banked right again to line up with the runway and set the Bonanza down handily, still not understanding that I'd landed on 27 instead of 9. (I should've looked at my heading in the Garmin, of course.) I taxied toward the terminal but never saw it, because I was looking for it out my left window, which is where I would've seen it if I'd actually landed on RWY 9. Instead, I found myself looking at the approaching nether end of RWY 27, i.e., the beginning of RWY 9. Finally realizing the truth, I revved up my engine, spun the Bonanza around, set flaps, and took off again, this time from RWY 9. I climbed, circled, flew east of the airport, circled back and landed again--on my originally intended runway--and taxied to the terminal. All was well that ended well--twice.

    And also, with this bit of flying today, I hit the 100-hour flight-time mark. Woo! Woo!
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    My rules:
    • Real weather
    • Real traffic
    • Real time
    • Flight time about 1 to 3 hours
    • Starting at the airport where I left last time

    I usually take a Longitude for the longer distances and a small Cessna for round trips.
    I did a round trip over Iceland recently and then headed towards Scotland. Now I'm on my way to France.

    Today I flew Liverpool to Cambridge.

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    Default KIYK to KBFL (Inyokern to Meadows Field/Kern County)

    The first question isn't where I flew, but why? Why begin a flight in the middle of Nevada's high desert in the first place? And why fly to Oildale, Calif., the town where I landed? (With nary a meadow in sight, by the way.)

    I started at Inyokern because I'd taken off from there twice already today trying to complete the second leg of a "bush" flight ending at Mariposa/Yosemite, and having failed twice upon landing at the next stop--a grass strip--after flipping the Cub on its nose by barely touching the tail-dragger's brakes upon landing. (Shoulda come in slower and pulled back on the yoke instead of using the brakes, I guess.) Not wanting quit for the day just yet, I went back to the MSFS World map to start a new flight. KIYK being one of the immediate options offered, and I decided to return there to fly across the southern Sierra Nevada mountains in the Beech Bonanza, just for some sightseeing. I'd been enjoying the mountain scenery for 20 minutes or so when I began to give some thought to where I was going to land. Opening the drop-down GPS map and zooming out to see what airports might be in my vicinity, I saw one to the southwest that looked promising. Squinting at the map, I read its ID: KBFL. I pressed "nearest" on the Garmin and scrolled through the options until I found KBFL. Next, I pressed the Garmin button with the half-square and the arrow, to activate a direct flight plan to said airport. Then I pressed NAV on the autopilot (I'd previously engaged it to maintain my cruising altitude), and left the driving--other than adjusting altitude--to the AP. Enroute, I looked up the airport on my iPhone to discover its actual name, how many runways it had (one), and its orientation (SE to NW). Turns out Meadows Field is a respectable little airport with a terminal and jetways. I'm pretty sure it has a localizer/ILS system. I didn't bother to check before landing, however, trusting instead to my improving VFR skills.

    I am liking the Beech G36 more and more every time I take it "up," and even more every time I land it. I flew the Daher TBM from Watsonville to San Jose before lunch; low-altitude IFR to RWY 31L, ILS approach. I think the Daher is a great plane as well. But the G36 is more fun; it's the sports car to the TBM's Cadillac. Now if I could only successfully land that damn Cub on a lousy grass strip ...
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    I decided to fly VFR along the Rhine River in the SR22. I chose to set the weather as 'Clear' because I wanted to see as much as possible. My flights were at about 1500' AGL which meant that at the final leg, I was at 4000' AMSL. After each flight I landed at a suitable airport and resumed from that airport next flight. Here's how it went:-

    EHRD Rotterdam NL 1h 16m
    EDDL Dusseldorf GM 0h 37m
    EDDK Koln Bonn GM 1h 11m
    EDDF Frankfurt GM 1h 07m
    LFST Strasbourg FR 0h 42m
    LFSB Bale Mulhouse FR 0h 52m
    EDNY Friedrichshafen GM

    From Friedrichshafen, I flew south across Bodensee/Lake Constance along the Rhine until the valley looked to be narrowing too much to comfortably turn, so I reversed my course and then flew to EDTD Donauschingen GM, from where I plan to follow the Danube to its outflow into the Black Sea.

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    Paris to London TBM.... Awesome flight in full Ultra, once I crossed the channel and hit London zero visibility!!!
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    Flew from KCLE to KPHL in the Working Title CJ4...used to fly this route back and forth all the time growing up, probably 2-3 times a year (divorced parents). Did live weather and traffic, so that was fun. First full night-time flight and it wasn't as disorienting as I thought it might be. Kind of fun to see the twinkling lights below and the moon up high in the sky.

    The CJ4 is something else. I might even say it's the best plane available right now in MSFS as it's so fully fleshed out by the Working Title team. I've become pretty adept with the CDU/FMC, but still need to learn to better control the throttle as I'm sometimes prone to overspeeding (mostly on takeoff) and stalling during approach. Other than that, it's a dream to fly.

    This was also my first flight after I upgraded my CPU from a Ryzen 5 3600 to a Ryzen 5 makes quite a difference! Flight is a LOT smoother now. I might even kick up setting or two up a notch.

    In other news, I learned today that someone's working on a Global 6000 model, but there's scant info. Apparently from PJ Simulations, which I've never heard of nor could find any info.
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    Just a short, early morning hop for me - YSCB to YSSY (foggy departure)

    Had a missed approach at YSSY, General Aviation plane not exiting runway 34L fast enough :-)

    All good though, managed to land the second time.

    Flying the stock 787

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    Default PHKO to KCTD; PHKO to PHMU (Kona to Waimea/Kohala

    That's Kona to crash to desktop, then Kona to Waimea/Kohala.

    I first took off from Kona in the Cessna 172 for some sightseeing. Flew south to Kona/Kailua, where we've been many times, to see how closely the Asobo version resembled the real place. I'd have to say it was approximately rendered. Our favorite hotel there is the Royal Kona, which from a distance looks like the prow of a big ship pointing at the ocean. I spotted what passes for the hotel in the sim landscape, but it was a block structure. Close but no cigar. Then I flew north, up the Kohala Coast, to check out the lush golf resorts up that way, all improbably developed in the middle of old lava flows. Farther north, I was hoping to find a national historic site, the Pu'ukohola Heaiu, a temple built by Kamehameha the Great (AKA the Conqueror) c. 1792. it's perched on a hillside overlooking a bay just south of Kawaihae. I was flying at about 900 ft. hoping to spot it, but it didn't seem to be where it should have been. At this point, I decided to make for the little airport at Hana on Maui. I found it in the Garmin, set a course for it, and let the autopilot take over. I was trying to fine tune the course in the Garmin enroute when MSFS CTD'd on me for the first time in a couple of months or more. I think the sim and my Logitech multi-panel had an argument; I won't bore anybody with the reasons why, except to note that I had to exit out of everything and shut down my PC to reset the Logitech panel.

    Having done that, I returned to Kona, this time in the Beech Bonanza for a short flight to Waimea (about 3,200 ft. ASL), home of the Parker Ranch. Hawaiians used to call the place Kamuela, after Samuel Parker, who started raising cattle there in the early 19th century. The approach to PHMU was a simple, straight-in RNAV course to RWY 4. I still managed to muff it, coming in too low and landing on pavement, but just short of the threshold. So, I took off again to fly a landing pattern and do it right.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    After landing at Waimea
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    Wanted a little (not to much) challenge so I set up an IFR dusk to night flight from Denver to Grand Junction over the Rockies in my Seneca. All was going well. Had a great multi waypoint route set up in the Garmin. The fuel mixture/temp/airspeed was optimized. I was enjoying looking around with the drone. Then, when only 20 minutes out of Grand Junction, I inadvertently clicked on the vent window latch! Got the "Overstressed" sign and my flight was over!!!!
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    A few flights. First up was KJHW (Chautauqua-Jamestown, NY) to KCGF (Cuyahoga County, where my father used to fly out of). I wanted to give the Beechcraft G36 another shot and, boy, I wasn't disappointed! It was such a short hop that I opted for 8,000 ft, just below the clouds, that I could appreciate the rolling scenery.

    After that, I did a couple of NeoFly flights in the C172, just hopping from strip to strip, really, but giving me the practice I need. Fun too, of course!
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