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Thread: Still getting terrible stuttering in the Los Angeles metropolitan area

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    Now that MSFS has been released for XBox One Series X and S, I wonder if it runs without stutters in those areas in the Los Angeles that I experienced the terrible stuttering with my PC. The XBox One Series X has a more powerful GPU than a GTX 1080 Ti which is what I have plus it most likely has been optimized for XBox One Series X and S consoles and despite the CPU being slower than a Ryzen 5800x, after optimizations I'm guessing that it should be around 5800x performance the the XBox One Series X in terms of CPU and 3070 performance in terms of GPU and less stutters? Anyone here play it on both with a PC with a Ryzen 5600X-5900X with an RTX 3070-3080 and an XBox One Series X and on which system did it play smoother?

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    The latest update that was released a few days ago solved the terrible stuttering I had in the Los Angeles area. In fact it seems the sim is running smoother everywhere else as well on my system than before this update and now I'm getting higher frame rates as well in the sim, for example at a certain airport I was getting 49 fps before the update and now I'm getting 74 fps at the same airport with the same aircraft. However, one issue that I'm now have is that when I pan vertically using the hat switch on my Logitech 3D Extreme joystick, when the viewpoint centers on the yoke, the panning hitches for like a millisecond while I'm sitting at the runway, but during flight, that hitch is gone. It does not seem to matter the aircraft I use or airport I'm at when this happens. Anyone else having this issue? I also moved my 2TB NVMe to the top M.2 slot of my motherboard which uses the CPU lanes instead of the chipset lanes for less latency even though it's a PCI-E 3.0 NVMe, so I'm not sure how much of a role that played in the smoothness of the sim as I reinstalled Windows 10 and MSFS after moving my 2TB NVMe to the top M.2 slot. Before I had my 2TB NVMe on the bottom m.2 slot which uses the chipset lane and had my 250GB NVMe for just the OS and basic programs on the top M.2 slot, now I have the OS and games include MSFS installed on the 2TB NVMe and decided to ditch my 250GB NVMe.
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