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Thread: Still getting terrible stuttering in the Los Angeles metropolitan area

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    Three of my four CTD's happened in the LA area. One of them was after 6 hours of flying other places, and then changing the time and weather 4 times on approach to LAX, so I'll own that one. That one had lots of stutters before the crash.
    - James

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    Has anyone brought this to the Zen desk?
    They would have no way to know about it unless locals tell them about it.
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    With the most recent update as of this date I'm still getting the same stutters in that certain area in Los Angeles. In fact now I'm noticing the same stutters even with photogrammetry scenery disabled and just using the generic scenery whereas I it did not happen on my system before that update when photogrammetry scenery was disabled. Turning down the texture detail setting from 200 to 20 got rid of most of those stutters but it still has those stutters, the pauses just don't last as long in that area of Los Angeles and it look much worse at the 20 than 200 in my opinion. I thought that this update was suppose to fix stuttering issue but it mentioned it was for the DFW area and nothing mentioned for the LA area. My system is not running out of free VRAM as check with the Developer Menu turned on, not even close to the VRAM capacity of my video card when those stutters happen, so it's not a lack of VRAM issue with my system. It's SSD speed either as I used to have this game installed on my Samsung 850 EVO SSD and moved it to my Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD and those stutters did not seem to shorten from that upgrade. Is FS2020 too much for the Directx 11 API to handle, especially in that area in Los Angeles. I'm no computer engineer, but I read that Directx has a huge limitation in draw calls compared to direct hardware accessing and I'm wondering if there are not enough draw calls sent from the API when this stuttering happens in that area in Los Angeles. I also have X-Plane 11 and ever since the 11.50 update that has the Vulkan option, X-Plane 11 has been running much smoother on my system, hardly a stutter on my system at the airports where I experienced the stuttering before the 11.50 update, and I'm wondering if the DirectX 11 API limitation has been reached with FS2020. Do you think it has or do you know if it has? I also set my rolling cache to 400GB on a 500GB Samsung 860 EVO that has nothing else on it, no difference, even the second time I flew over that area with that 400GB rolling cache.
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    Correction: I meant setting terrain detail to 20.

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    I was flying out there last week and experienced the same stutters and frame rate drops as the OP around Los Angeles. Very noticible taking off out of John Wayne Airport and for awhile headed north out of there.

    System is a Ryzen 5900X CPU, RTX 3080 GPU, 32 G of DDR4 3200 Mh RAM, SamsungĀ® 970 Pro PCIe 3.0 SSD, 100 Mbs internet connection. Internet has consistantly good performance.

    Like Dave68 said a couple messages up I believe its remnants of the performance issues Asobo introduced with the last big updates that weren't fixed with the hot fix they released.

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    Default Stuttering in MSFS

    I read your post last night, felt your pain. Although I fly in SoCal on Pilot Edge, I haven't flown around L.A., not in this sim anyway. So I took the JF PA-28 out of LAX, touch & go at Burbank and back again, as low as 1,500 over downtown. I had only occasional minor stutters as I would expect anywhere, nothing like you describe. It was fun.
    I'm no expert but you are right to crank down some of your high settings: Terrain Level of Detail 100, Texture Super Sampling 4x4 or off, 16 GB Rolling Cache is enough they say, I'm using 32.
    Overkill has a couple of good tutorials on performance and in particular stuttering. He shows how to override Full Screen Optimizations, a big frame killer in games, he says, and High DPI Scaling in Windows 10. He doesn't tell you how to unlock those files though. I used an app called "Take Ownership". It was easy from there.
    I also recommend the RD Presets Guide. They explain the settings and how to maximize performance. As a bonus they show how to tweak the look of the sim with GeForce Experience Freestyle in overlay, like using a photo editor. For me that alone was worth the price of admission.
    I hope this helps.
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    I installed the Take Ownership registry hack and disabled fullscreen optimizations for the FlightSimulator.exe file. I saw no reductions in the stutters.

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    Taking off from Van Nuys 16R, I always freeze right over Sepulveda Dam....The freeze lasts about 3 to 4 seconds and then stops and I am able to continue. I have tried to tweak settings within and outside MSFS to no avail.


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    I'm wondering if these stutters will be solve if I switch M2 slots for my SSD's in my PC or if I just remove my 250GB Samsung 970 EVO Plus and just install everything on my 2TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus but make a dedicated 250GB partition for Windows/basic apps and the rest partitioned for games and data storage. Right now my 2TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus is installed on the bottom M2 slot which is the slot that uses the chipset lanes and my 250GB Samsung 970 EVO Plus is installed on the upper M2 slot which uses the CPU lanes. The 250GB SSD is just for the OS and basic apps and my 2TB SSD is for games including FS2020, and basic data storage. So will the reduced latency of utilizing the CPU lanes instead of the chipset lanes solve this stuttering? Do any of you that are getting these stutters as well, do you have an NVMe SSD (which FS2020 is installed on) installed on the top M2 (CPU lanes) or bottom M2 slot (chipset lanes)? Those that are not getting these stutters, same question. I have an Asus B550-F Gaming (Wi-Fi) motherboard and both M2 slots are PCI-E 3.0 but the upper one uses the CPU lanes therefore the upper M2 slot has less latency than the lower M2 slot on this motherboard.
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    Nothing you do will "fix" it. It stems from an anomaly in the Bing database. Every MSFS2020 user experiences the same stuttering at those locations..
    i7-10700K, ASUS Prime Z490-P motherboard, 32 gig, GTX 1080 Ti, 1TB M2 drive, Thrustmaster T16000M, Logitech Rudder Pedals , xbox controller.

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