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Thread: Flight Plan help needed

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    Quote Originally Posted by terrylawdinn View Post
    Little Navmap can do what you want quite easily and then you can export it directly to the sim. I'm currently following Route 66 and some of the waypoints are only 500m (yes metres) apart but the autopilot/G1000 handles them fine (it does occasionally miss one out if there is a series of sharpish turns).

    It's an excellent utility which I use all the time - takes a little bit of getting used to but now comes complete with a comprehensive manual. And it's free!

    Wow!!! There is a lot packed into that program!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidc2 View Post
    Wow!!! There is a lot packed into that program!!!

    You bet, the developer has put his heart and soul into it and done a cracking job. If you've got a problem he's also quick to reply and help you sort it, even if it's only pointing you to the section in the very comprehensive manual.

    I've been using it for a few months now and feel I'm still only scratching the surface!

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