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Thread: FSTraffic unable to install in windows 10 - any advice?

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    Default FSTraffic unable to install in windows 10 - any advice?

    i have fs2000pro installed and running fine in windows 10. however FSTraffic, which i really wanted to add, which i bought from ebay, wont install - the damned thing, when i hit setup.exe, it starts but then closes with the following error "unable to locate one or more files to proceed with installation"
    i have tried using different installshield exes, i have tried running the install with all combinations of compat settings, i have tried doing it even in safe mode, nothign has worked.

    I have tried to install it in winxp in VMware but the same issue there too. I attempted to setup pcem and run fs2000 in win98 se there and it actually works but pcem is not able to run fs2000 for me in any kind of playable way.

    I tried copying files back from pcem to my win10 fs2000pro install but that still didnt work.

    The FSTraffic CD contains also the FSTraffic demo and that actually installs fine but the demo only lasts for 30 minutes annoyingly and i cant register it .

    so has anyone else encountered and overcome this problem with FStraffic in windows 10 or am i just alone in still enjoying and preferring the old FS versions ?

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    No, you are not alone, although maybe we are not many.
    But there are still people creating and downloading addons. Especially for FS98, and FS2004, also, although that one is less vintage, but still.
    I myself am very enthusiastic about enhancing my FS2000.
    In particular, I love to bring back memories of all aviation times, when it was much more diverse and enjoyable, IMO, so to recreate that, all versions are more suitable than the new ones. (More old sceneries and planes, even the ones released in those times are old now.)
    I also love to enhance and enjoy those old versions, and, after been a while enhancing and flying them, when I fly a newer one, even FS2004, I have a feeling of realism like if I was flying a much newer version.

    I recommend you to visit this fellow's channel (KilrTv) in youtube. He flies all Flight Simulator Versions, (from the Commodore Amiga, ), and is very friendly and helpful about everything.

    I can also tell you I am from Canary Islands and I am recreating TFN traffic from the 70's, trying to get it as real as possible with FS2000 and FST I think I can publish a couple of videos of it in 2 weeks, if you are interested.

    I sent you a private message.

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    thank you for your reply and message. Yes i have been watching and commenting on Kilrtv's vids and he has been helpful. In fact it was from watching one of his streams playing FS2000 that i got interested in trying to run an dplay it. I went and bought a boxed version of fs2000pro on ebay and fortunately it runs fine for me in win10, (one has to apply a crack though to bypass the outdated drm that win10 is blocked from recognising)

    as for making things, like i mentioned in my pm - i just want to know how it convert more aircraft for use in FStraffic, - the manual for fstraffic doesnt tell me how i actually make aircraft that fstraffic can convert. it does mention BAOs Flight Shop, but surely that would not be the only option s that is an old program and not everyone could assume to have it on hand.

    Also how do i get to hear ATC - the box for FSTraffic says i can actually hear other pilots communicating with ATC, but i so far have heard nothing at all, do you know at all?

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