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Thread: FSX on windows XP. Unusual idea. Is it feasible?

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    Talking FSX on windows XP. Unusual idea. Is it feasible?

    I run FSX on a Hdd, using windows XP. It has got many add ons, uses track ir, uses a simcontrol spitfire joystick and a Cougar joystick.
    It is 10 yrs old. My favourite Maltby planes are on it etc. There is also a WW1 Over Flanders field with special tweaks.
    It would be a nightmare to buy a new super duper windows 10 and re install everything, quite a lot of which wouldn't run on 10.

    I have had a thought. Could I have a modern computer built with very fast processor, top graphics card and use my existing hdd on it, so there would be no install or problem with joysticks etc. Would everything just work as it does now but faster, thus allowing higher settings on FSX?

    What have I not taken into account that would make it not feasible? I am too old to start again.

    I bow to your technical knowledge

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    Default FSX on windows XP. Unusual idea. Is it feasible?

    The first issue is that modern hardware isn't supported by XP. Next up is that simply transferring a drive with Windows from one machine to another isn't going to work with such big changes in hardware (I've successfully done it before, but it wasn't as simple as just moving the drive).
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    With respect, you are partly correct in the first issue you mention, much modern hardware might not be supported or supportable by XP.

    I have myself successfully moved hard drives (an installation comprising 3 of them) from an i3 system to an i7 system, but, granted, this was with Windows 10.

    It does sound like a simple move, and it might be, but it can also turn into a major pain in the posterior or a nightmare. Too many variables.


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    I guess that depends on how modern you're looking at. With Nvidia, for example, you have to go back to the GTX 900 series to get XP drivers, which I wouldn't call overly modern at this point. Still quite decent for FSX, but well behind the latest generation. And on the CPU side, Intel CPUs from Kaby Lake on are only supported on Windows 10. Haven't even looked into SATA drivers, which would also likely be an issue.

    A Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge Intel CPU paired with a GeForce GTX 970 would probably be the safest bet for the latest fully supported hardware to run Windows XP.

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    Thanks fellas, ah yes, drivers etc. I knew deep down there would be a fly ( bluebottle, more like) in the ointment.
    I shall leave well alone .
    If it ain't broke.......

    Thanks. Again

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    Hi Cas,

    I had an XP and wanted to fly my feelThere Phenom 100 (payware). Was terrible. Frame rate? maybe 2fps.

    Sometime later I upgraded to a Win 7 pc. Came with an upgrade to Win 10. Nice!
    Reloaded FSX, reinstall the Phenom. At best, I got 5fps. Ughhh!

    Dec 2020, got a new pc. Huge difference. 30fps.
    Makes a heck'uv'a difference to the enjoyment.

    One surprise was the discovery of a virus in a payware aircraft. I had it installed on both previous PC's.
    I checked online, and it's a known issue with that payware.

    Lovin' the new setup! Well worth the effort of reinstalling etc. Far more responsive too.


    FSX Acceleration, now on a Lenovo Legion
    So soooo much faster.
    (It beats my old 386 with FS2. )

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