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Thread: Airport 2000 scenery and ATC messages text colour too dark

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    Default Airport 2000 scenery and ATC messages text colour too dark

    i am runnign fs 98 in a vmware virtual winxp. I have installed Airport 2000 and just had some queries i hope i can find some help regarding

    Airport 2000 installs new airports like Frankfurt and also new airport scenery for places like KLAX.
    If i go to create a flight Frankfurt is not however in the list of airports i can choose from
    and if i select one of the airport 2000 upgraded airports, like KLAX, the runways no longer match up with the starting positions so if i pick somewhere like 7L or 7R then my plane starts sitting on some suburbs.

    Also the text colour for the atc is dark red and in a black box - makes it very hard to read what appears on the screen - is there any way i can just text colour in fs98?

    lastly, how does on start up an airliner - i couldnt find any description in the game manual, in airport 2000 your plane starts at a gate and so after doing pushback you are supposed to move to the runway but releasing brake and turning up throttle does nothing at all - do i need to switch on some other things?

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    okay i have solved the airliner starting issue - ctrl-shift +f4 gets the fuel going, i just had to start the engines turning those dials also
    why can i not find this mentioned in any FS manual?

    i still would like to know if i can change the text colour

    also for the LAX misaligned issue, i can just slew the plane to the right spot if need be

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    When Using Fs98's Go To Airport option with installed scenery's you may have to look here!

    Christopher Tarana
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