New member with a question...

I have an old Rock'N'Ride motion simulator that has been setting in my basement for years (due to the gameport going away).

For those that do not know the Rock 'N' Ride was a pass through motion simulator for a game port joystick.

What I would like to do is use this now with my Oculus Quest in flying and driving games.

All I need is the capability to have a game port or USB Joystick (can convert the signal on the output side or simulator) that can connect to my Oculus Quest wirelessly over bluetooth.

This would allow the simulator to respond to any game as it just moves to the joystick as well as provid control input to the headset. I have achieved fluid motion by using an external air tank (actually one of the tubes on the simulator) to have a large quantity of air available and also an on board pressure regulator so that I can dial in the amount of movement desired.

I would REALLY like to avoid the use of a computer or laptop but would consider something like a Raspberry Pi.

ANY assistance GREATLY appreciated.