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Thread: Stock library objects missing

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    Default Stock library objects missing

    Hello everyone, I've reinstalled FSX SP2 with SDK SP2 after a long time and started messing about with ADE 178 (latest update).

    Following online tutorials, googling the issues I was encountering and reading on forums such as this one, I finally got quite familiar with it and managed to compile few airports without too many problems and great personal satisfaction.

    However there is a random issue that keeps popping up and bugging me, since I can't find a solution for it neither by myself nor looking on the internet. I've researched this a lot and I'm sure I'm missing something.

    In short, there are some objects from (I suppose, since I don't have 3rd party ones) the FSX stock objects library which I can see when I position them in ADE (I can also see the thumbnail from the big_thumbnail_pack), but then they do not appear in FSX - or sometimes their texture is missing (they either appear transparent or plain grey).

    Some examples: most of the trees (Longleat Tree Oak*, Longleat Tree BlackPoplar*, Longleat Tree Chestnut*), houses (housingstucco01, housingwood02), sheds (shedwoodsmall01, shedbricktanks01), cars (Veh ParkingLot Tiny 01, Gen CampTrailer 01), and many more.

    My ADE project can be found here (sorry I couldn't manage to attach it to the post):

    It's rather small so it shouldn't be difficult to see what's missing, many of these objects are among those mentioned above.
    I would really appreciate if anyone could help me with this and let me know what I'm doing wrong.

    Thank you very much in advance, cheers.

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    Alright, apparently I still had not read every single thread about this problem on internet, and I found yesterday this conversation which pretty much showed me the way forward:

    As they say in the thread, this problem is due to the fact that ADE comes updated as of FSX Acceleration, therefore with all the references to the respective libraries which however are missing in FSX SP2 (let alone FSX SP1 or FSX, but I wont refer to these two here). In the specific, we're talking about "FSXP_Buildings.bgl", "FSXP_FillerObjects.bgl", "fsxp_missionobjects.bgl", "FSXP_People.bgl", "FSXP_Vehicles.bgl", "missions_redbull_sf.bgl". These libraries only come with Acceleration, so if you compile for FSX SP2 they will show alright in ADE but they won't in the actual scenario when loaded into FSX SP2.

    Since I understand this problem it's not uncommon in the community and yet no one really ever addressed it (unless I'm the only one still developing on FSX SP2), I decided to write down a tutorial in order to fix this problem without needing to install Acceleration, therefore avoiding the downgrade/re-upgrade process (if I'm not mistaken the latter can't be installed if SP2 is already installed). DISCLAIMER 1: in order for this to work, the DVD or ISO file of FSX Acceleration is needed to fish out the necessary files!
    DISCLAIMER 2: it's probably obvious but I guess I'll say it anyway, I don't take any responsability for any mess caused to your computer or FSX. Do backup stuff you care about - ALWAYS.

    Ok then, without further ado:
    1) insert/mount your FSX Acceleration DVD/ISO file and suppress any autoplay window that might pop-up automatically;
    2) manually browse the DVD/ISO and find the file "";
    3) using any file archiver software (I used Winrar), extract the content of the file in a folder of your convenience on your computer.

    As you will notice, more than 500 files will be extracted, it's ok don't panic. Just take note that all scenery files begin with the prefix "scenery.Global.scenery_" and all the texture files begin with "scenery.Global.texture_".

    4) find the files ending by "FSXP_Buildings.bgl", "FSXP_FillerObjects.bgl", "fsxp_missionobjects.bgl", "FSXP_People.bgl", "FSXP_Vehicles.bgl", "missions_redbull_sf.bgl";
    5) rename these files by eliminating the prefix "scenery.Global.scenery_" part and move them to your FSX default sceneries folder "...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\World\Scenery";
    6) now go back to the folder where we extracted the files from the DVD/ISO and delete all the remaining "scenery.Global.scenery_*.bgl" files - We should be left only with texture files beginning with the prefix "scenery.Global.texture_" (they should all be *.dds files but I'm not sure on that, it's not important anyway);
    7) rename all the files eliminating the prefix "scenery.Global.texture_". Since these are about 500 files you might not want to do this manually but instead use a software. I personally used "Bulk Rename Utility", which is freeware and doesn't require installation -> ;
    8) move all the texture files you just renamed to your FSX default textures folder "...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\World\Texture".

    And that should be it. Just fire up the game, let FSX automatically load the new libraries on startup (you don't need to edit the scenery library on FSX) and the objects you were not able to see before should be now visible.

    I hope this helps, happy modding (and flying) everyone

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