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    Default Wasserkuppe missing

    A significant German gliding and light aircraft airfield with a hard runway at Wasserkuppe (EDER) is missing both from Bing maps and from FS2020. Visible on Google maps, though.

    Be good if it was discovered by Bing and FS2020!

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    This was bothering me as well. Living in Germany I was looking for such places in MSFS.
    There is a decent freeware scenery of the Wasserkuppe on for download.
    The fun fact is the "Hornberg" a small glider airfield in south Germany is included by Aosobo by default and looks quite nice. I did glider training there in the 70ties. Close by also "Amalienhof" glider airfield is included default as well.
    Regards from an old Flightsimmer

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    I reckon Bing needs to recognize the airfield first? I have NO idea if Asobo or an aftermarket creator can do much to add the few airfields across the globe that Bing has missed?
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