I have been using FS2020 for around 2 months, but I have never had the 787 in my Content for some weird reason.

I have also had various other issues with it, and M$$$ Support finally told me the ONLY fix was to reinstall W10 Pro using the RESET option in the operating system. Horrified at loosing a 3 year old, pretty complex W10 setup, I nevertheless went ahead and did the deed.

I then reinstalled FS2020 (Steam Version) using a separate drive/Folder for the "Recommended Content) and Community folder.

Guess what - still no 787. I do have the celebration livery installed, but no aircraft to use it with. Perhaps tied in with this problem, I purchased the Carenado C182 Turbo, and that was installed correctly on my previous system, but in the new one, it sits in my Community folder, but appears in my Content as NOT I NSTALLED, but with no option to get it installed.

Can anyone help me to sort these 2 issues out ? They really are driving me mad now.

Two other aircraft I purchased for the new system have installed correctly in the new system from the same Community folder, so that seems to be fine.

Any help at all would be gratefully received.