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Thread: Apparent Registry Issue?

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    Default Apparent Registry Issue?

    Hello all:
    Recently I have noticed that some add ons are having trouble finding my FSX installation. I have FSX installed in C/FSX. I am running Win 7 Pro 64. When I run some add ons (F1GTN cfg is an example), a dialogue box pops up and tells me it cannot find FSX. Some add ons just ask to be pointed to FSX and proceed normally after that. But some just stop at that point.

    FSX launches and runs normally. AS16 launches and runs normally and links up with FSX normally. I have not reinstalled FSX in about 4 years.

    I would appreciate your ideas on this.
    Best regards,

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    you have SE or boxed....?

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    Hi Rick,

    See this entry I posted in another thread...see HERE

    Download the tool and run it and see if that makes a difference...
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    Quote Originally Posted by piet06273 View Post
    you have SE or boxed....?
    Sorry. Boxed.

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