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Thread: Password box mess up

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    Rao Shaheryar Guest


    yes i read out your question but I have no issue staying logged in, and the last time I did so there weren't any issues with the password field.

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    I am aware of the problem, and I've see it myself. The thing is, the web site has not changed in years. So I have to believe it's some recent change in the browser(s) that is causing the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shubharora734 View Post
    So I have to believe it's some recent change in the browser(s) that is causing the problem.
    That's probably what it is. I have been forging my UA for at least 14 years and have had no problems once so ever until this recent update in my niche browser Pale Moon. I could try it in Firefox, but I really don't care right now. As I said, I'd have to look at the core code in the browser to see what is going on. Even then I'd be making a guess as to what it really is. My best course of action would be to ask at the Pale Moon forum.


    And never mind. My opening post said I used three browsers and got the same results. Forgot I did that. Yeah, it's something browser related and the interaction with this older vBulletin forum. Nothing like this at my forum, and if there ever was I'd fix it right quick or make a pull request or what ever at the phpBB website.
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