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Thread: KDEN - Blueprint ADE Problem

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    No I don't think the size of the airport matters but I do suspect something else taking another look at your screenshot none of the other files has a suffix (like .bgl) but your file has one even if it is wrong. Check the original name of your proprietary file as it may have an extra period in the name. That would cause the compiler to fail.
    It's worth a look.
    I did a complex split in the ADE and it compiled a BGL file for the airport so we are in business

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    This actually works?

    What you needed to do is first and foremost go to the control panel | folder options and set the option to not hide file extensions.

    The other thing you needed to do is make a copy of the default BGL file for the airport from this add-on and save it somewhere. Or just rename it. If it's called KDEN.bgl, name it KDEN.bgl.old

    Now edit the master KDEN bgl file for the add-on.

    Yours may work because it's sitting on top of the master BGL from the add-on. Unless this add-on appends ADE to its file name which I highly doubt. That's what I see in your image. Unless you are editing the master and the rename is different.

    I know this because I have edited my FSDreamTeam KLAS airport file. The Janet terminal needed to be edited and two runways were not built right so AI were stacking up. That was due to the hold short node being too far away. Unfortunately and unrealistically, the hold short has to be moved onto the over run/blast pad on the runway its self to get AI to take off. So yeah, this makes it have a plane hold on the runway when a plane is landing. But they are holding on the over run/blast pad. The runways with this issue are 16 R/L.
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