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Thread: combat flight simulator not working on windows 10

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    Default combat flight simulator not working on windows 10

    I had to reinstall cf3 after a computer problem and it now will not run on windows 10.

    I remember seeing a simple change in maybe the config file that one needs to make to get cf3 to work in windows 10. I am not able to find the website where I found this fix. I think the no cd fix does not always work. Does anyone know what that fix is? I think it had to do with changing a capital letter to a small letter or vice versa. It was something like that.

    If anyone knows the fix please let me know.

    Thank you


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    I was able to get it working with the no cd patch. Interesting as it did not work when I tired the patch once before.

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    Default Try this if CFS3 does not work on Windows 10 DESPITE the No-CD patch

    If CFS3 does not work on Windows 10 even after using the No-CD file, try this:

    1. Download an archive called dgvoodoo2 from this link .

    2. Extract the contents of this archive to some folder on your computer. Now, look for a file called "D3D8.dll" in the extracted contents.It will probably in the "MS" folder. Copy this file.

    3. Navigate to the folder where you have installed CFS3. Paste the file in this folder

    4. Now your game should work. If the screen is too big, in the game go to options => Display settings and change the resolution


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