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Thread: Stuck on the runway

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    I am building ai traffic for KVDI IN Vidalia, Georgia. Should I overlay another copy of the airport to work on or can I use the stock airport to work on the ai traffic? The situation is that I added parking on the stock airport becuz it doesn't have one. And when I run the flight simulator 2002, I see landing jet airliners but it is only a small airport and when the planes land both planes just sit on the runway and not taxi to the gate. I changed the gate to gate heavy becuz I thought it would taxi to that gate but nothing is happening, and just both airliners are sitting on the runway. How do I let small planes land, instead of this jet airliners landing? Any suggestions would be helpful. thanks so much.

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    Did you ever thought to eventually switch to FS2004? You might certainly get more support for this than for FS2002. That could bring more fun too than struggeling with something missing more and more experience. Just a well minded advice, of course.


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