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Thread: I Bought an FS2004 Addon!

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    Default I Bought an FS2004 Addon!

    So today for Xmas, my main present to myself was MSFS 2020, which I figured would be mature and stable enough to buy by now. And I love the new sim, it looks magnificent.

    But also, I did something that I haven't done since reinstalling FS2004 a few months ago - bought a payware FS2004 addon!

    Specifically, the Wings of Power P-47, which is on sale from A2A now for $5.99, along with most of their other FS2004 aircraft. I've wanted a better P-47 for a while, and the WOP set includes the D-model razorback and bubbletop, M, N, and even the XP-72. That's a lot for less than the price of a decent sandwich. They're fine looking and flying models, too. And while flying it around my neighborhood, I couldn't see my exact street like I can in FS2020, but at least there's snow on the ground!

    I feel like it's weird to buy the brand new sim and an addon for its 16-year-old ancestor on the same day. But it was strangely satisfying to buy and enjoy both.


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    Small world, I found the WOP WWII Bombers package on Amazon and bought it to see if I could "harvest" any parts for FS2002.
    That didn't work out, so I wound up getting FS 2004 just to see what the fuss was all about.

    I'm still wondering if I want to buy the P-51 package.

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    BTW, thanks for the head's up on the sale.
    I got the WOP P-51 and FW190D packages.

    Depending on your system, display, and graphics card, you might want to add the following line in aircraft.cfg under every "texture=" line for the P-51s:


    This mostly keeps the prop and spinner textures from "strobing" (not moving) when the engine is turning at 3,600 RPM.

    I have my FS locked at 60Hz frame rate but the number above should also work for 30Hz.

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