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Thread: RAF Vulcan / FS2004 (9.1) - Windows 10 help

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    Default RAF Vulcan / FS2004 (9.1) - Windows 10 help

    Hello Everyone,

    I've only just joined the forum and the Flight Simulator community after getting my hands on a copy of Flight Simulator 2004 : A Century of Flight and the Just Flight RAF Vulcan add-on for FS2004/2002.

    I've managed to get FS2004 to work without issues on Windows 10, but just cannot get the Vulcan add-on to even install.

    The installation program starts to open and then just instantly closes. I've tried all kinds of different compatibility settings but nothing makes it work.

    I was just wondering if anyone has any tips for me to get it to work so that I can install it ?


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    Hi Rick,

    First, welcome to the forum...

    Second, I assume that the JF Vulcan is on DVD because that is the only media medium that I know of on which it was distributed - the product is 'old' and pre-dates digital style downloads.

    The link you provide only shows the FSX/P3D versions of the Vulcan and a search for JF products and FS2004 products in general show no FS2004 Vulcan products.

    If, as I have stated, the product is on DVD the probable cause of the issue is due to a security related feature called SafeDisc and the removal of an associated system file SECDRV.sys required to allow SaFeDisc to be recognised.

    Due to well known security related issues with SafeDisc, Microsoft took the decision to ship Win 10 without the SECDRV.sys file. They subsequently then issues patches to disable it in earlier Win versions - see HERE for some general info or use the search phrase safedisc windows 10 in google to view other sites with relevant information on the subject.

    Unfortunately, in Win 10 there is no easy way to resolve the issue. One option is to copy the contents of the disk to your hard drive. You can then attempt to install it from there - do so using Admin rights by RIGHT clicking on installer file and selecting Run as Administrator from the resulting options...


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    I had a very similar problem with some JF airports I bought.
    If you have an older PC kicking around that runs an older version of Windows (XP, Vista, etc.), install it to that machine then copy the files to a thumb drive, blank DVD, whatever you have to record data and then transfer the files manually to your current PC. If the installer allows it, try to install everything to an empty folder on the desktop. You'll see all of the subfolders that way and it will be easier to do the manual installation.

    Virtavia has a nice freeware Vulcan from back when they were Alphasim.

    Check the files here and you'll find at least a couple of sound file sets for that Vulcan howl.

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