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Thread: At the end of the road... Please reply with ideas!

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    Default At the end of the road... Please reply with ideas!

    Hi there...

    So, I've posted numerous times on this forum that my ND EC130 doesn't work in the rain - the glass in the VC goes solid black. Nemeth Designs has concluded that the Windshield Rain Textures haven't installed properly. So, can someone please guide me to what these files are called and their location? If I know what the offending files are then I can replace them with ones that work (for example on the ND AS350). Please, PLEASE, anyone with ideas come back to me via this forum or private message as I have been struggling with this for a few months now and it looks like ND aren't going to help.

    Many thanks!


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    Since this is a payware add-on, and the developer is not willing to assist you in getting it to work, then demand your money back.

    That language they should understand.

    Have you posted this issue in other forums? Because I do not recall seeing this in the P3D user forums...


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    Thanks Jorgen, will try both ideas (refund and other forums).

    To be fair I have had a few replies but it's intermittent and frustrating as a result as you really want to get the aircraft working...

    Do you have any ideas as to what might be going wrong?? Is there a way I can link the windshield rain textures from another aircraft to the EC130??


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