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Thread: No Parking Options when Ground is Contacted

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    Default No Parking Options when Ground is Contacted

    Just take off options.
    Any ideas?

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    At what airport? Some airports don't have built-in parking spots (especially military or very small fields). If there's no AI traffic at the airport it might not have parking spots either.

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    I'm with Larry on this one! Most small airfields offer no parking options. Even some of the bigger airports like Leed-Bradford in the U.K. would offer parking when I landed a 737 or A-221 but not for a 747, so it may also depend on your aircraft size.
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    If the airport's parking is all filled up or can't accommodate your plane size, then there will not be a parking option. In this case, park where ever there's space. I've had to do this myself when there was no parking. After that crap I edited the airport and added more parking.

    If you have installed loads of AI, you'll want to get into the habit of at least checking the library here for an updated airport that you'll be flying to. That way you should have more than enough parking to go around. This is what I have done. Since I have gigabytes of AI I have parking issues where there's not enough parking. Even though I trimmed down the AI using the slider to around 45%, I still get the issue. So with every location I go to I either A) find that airport here in the library, or B) add parking myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SimRay View Post
    Just take off options.
    Any ideas?
    I believe you are wanting to know whether you are doing something wrong, or does the program behave that way on purpose?
    Happens to us all.

    I believe the scenario is also the case in the physical <aka "real"> world. There are sometimes permits involved, call ahead 24 hours, all sorts of complexity. I assume, regarding this, the Sim is hoping to mimic the physical world.

    A Sim user can load a different rendering of airports or program in new parking places (as I have read from the other responses). My question is this, what's the worst thing that will happen if you leave it sitting on the taxi way with the engines running and the parking brake off?
    I would also be curious to know how the conversation goes with the Ground radio operator when the only thing you can do is take your ass somewhere else that is prepared to deal with you. ( oh my !)

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