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Thread: Wow! KATL is great

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    Default Wow! KATL is great

    Worked many years on and around the ramp in KATL. So how nice to see the job done on Hartsfield, in this last patch. Looks great. The new patch has a few bugs i.e. my 747 spanned at the gate on top of an A320. Looked like it was giving birth, the catering truck want's to go to the front door now but it won't open. I'm sure they'll fix these but have to say, the new facelift given to KATL looks swell. Thank you MS and all involved for this new gift.

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    Can you go inside the terminal? (if so, how?)
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    No David, I don't think you can. I believe with the pay ware version you can. Besides, with the pandemic, they limit the number inside anyway.

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    Can't help admiring KATL. Swell job. Only one "small" knock, the "Fly Delta Jets" sign is not illuminated at night. But that's small potatoes. Thanks again folks for a great job.

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    I'll have to try KATL and see how it is. My home is KDFW. And they did a good job with KDFW also.

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