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    Default Flight simulator economy (campaign mode)

    Ever heard of a flight sim eco game/app?

    A flight sim eco (“flight simulator economy”) game/app, which is a fun way to add immersion and meaning to flight simulators like Flight Simulator 2020. It's like a campaign mode, but it's a separate gamified app that runs alongside a flight simulator and connects via a plugin. Notable apps in this genre are: OnAir, Air Hauler 2, and FSEconomy.

    This genre has actually been around for years (maybe 10+ years). But, FSEconomy is extremely archaic now, Air Hauler 2 has an overly complex interface (some say unfinished), and OnAir has a poorly designed server architecture (slow page loads, downtime, etc).

    I've been using OnAir for a few months and was totally addicted, but I found their customer support a little bit lacking, the screens very slow to load, and the 3 hours of weekly downtime was driving me nuts (they also banned me on Discord for criticising them on this issue). It's because they insist on using a slow monolithic TCP/IP server instead of speedy modern serverless pub/sub... their view on architecture is surprisingly old fashioned.

    So, I decided to fund development of a competitor app and we're now in the user experience (UX) design stage. If you're interested in sharing your thoughts about how we should go about this, here's a few UX research questions:

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    Well there is another one, Neofly, maybe you can talk to them and join the project instead of creating a new one.

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    Yes, I've heard a lot about NeoFly in the last few days. Do you know why OnAir is the front runner and not NeoFly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nbolton View Post
    Yes, I've heard a lot about NeoFly in the last few days. Do you know why OnAir is the front runner and not NeoFly?
    i dont know if it is, OnAir is a commercial software with a monthly payment, Neofly is a one man show, its more simple and less restrictive, Neolord as been adding more features as they are asked by the community, , and the developer team as been growing with time.

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    Survey results so far...

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    Neofly is the best without doubt. I've done a 4.5hr passenger and cargo flight from Russia to the UK in the Citation Cj4, and a 30 minute sightseeing flight in the Beech 58 to the Bon Scott (ACDC) statue near Dundee, among many, many other memorable flights. Highly Recommended, and FREE.
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    I actually have both OnAir and NeoFly installed. My son likes using Neo when he flies, whereas I prefer OnAir. I like the idea of the add on utilities as it just makes the flying experience for me more enjoyable. I use the B350 as my main fly around ride and use the AI to rack up the cargo miles. My only wish is I could figure out how to set regular passenger routes instead of the hodge podge charter route.

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