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Thread: HJG no show in FSX fix

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    Just thought I'd share this. I was having a huge problem in getting HJG aircraft to show in FSX. Following the install instructions got me nowhere, the aircraft were not showing.
    It's all down to the panel in the liveries you add to the base aircraft.
    Just substitute a panel from another aircraft that does show up in FSX and the HJG planes will now appear. You will still need to rename the cfg files as instructed but it's the panel swap that will then sort it all out.
    Hope that helps some from tearing their hair out.

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    FSX is "very sensitive" in regard to installation protocols for add-on files .... the slightest mistake usually results in a file not then being recognized and displayed by FSX.

    Unless one's attempting to install a "non-FSX compatible panel or file" .... in FSX .... then no problem/s should ever occur .... provided everything's installed correctly and strictly in accordance with FSX installation protocols

    Most of .... but not all of .... the panels HJG offer are "FSX PORTABLE" .... but .... none are "FSX NATIVE" .... although everything that's marketed as being FSX portable is known/proven to work perfectly fine in FSX.

    What is .... and isn't .... FSX portable is clearly stated within the following-linked permanent HJG forum posting ....


    Among the CUSTOM PANELS offered by HJG and that are FSX portable an error most commonly made by some is .... the active PANEL.CFG file in these PANELS is the FS9 version .... for FSX use the FSX specific PANEL.CFG (named "PANEL_FSX") must be manually activated (renamed PANEL.CFG .... with the FS9 version being deleted first so as to avoid conflict).

    Among the AIRCRAFT BASE PACKS offered by HJG aircraft and that are FSX portable a similar error most commonly made by some is .... the active PANEL.CFG and SOUND.CFG files within the default base pack supplied PANEL and SOUND folders are aliased to the FS9 B737-400 PANEL and SOUND assignments .... whereas FSX specific PANEL.CFG and SOUND.CFG files (named PANEL_FSX and SOUND_FSX) are also provided and aliased to the FSX B737-800 (I think it is) and which also need to be manually activated.

    Installation instructions provided within HJG files are necessarily brief and to the point, but, very extensive and step-by-step FSX specific installation instructions/tutorials are also provided by HJG and per the following-linked permant HJG forum postings ....

    One way of installing HJG aircraft in FSX

    The easiest way at installing into FSX

    Even a third way to do it


    Anyone experiencing any issues, at all, with any HJG offered file needs to register and post in regard to these "on the HJG forum".

    It's impractical for HJG to monitor and conduct technical support on other forums.

    HJG will only provide support though for the files it provides on it's own website.

    The knowledge base which understands and has brought each of HJG offered simulation into existence and which is best able to provide support for these files can only be found "THERE" .... at HJG.

    HJG's aware of many files for its offerings that are available from other websites .... some of which are known to contain any number of errors that do lead to problems and for which HJG's not responsible


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    I had to reinstall FSX a couple of days ago but backed up a mirror image of everything first. HJG aircraft had all been working, every one of them.

    I did the reinstall and copied each aircraft folder, including other 3rd party aircraft, back into the new install. They all worked...except for the HJG aircraft which did not show. I even tried installing them fresh from the zip files. No luck.

    I have installed HJG zips many times over the years without issue in FS9 and FSX. This time was different.
    By trial and error, a 3rd party panel did the trick for me so I just thought I'd share that to help anyone out. The same was true for the HJG Caravelles despite them having an .exe installer.
    For all of them, the default panel folder was the issue.

    You mention that many HJG aircraft have two cfg files within the panel and sound folders but I only encountered that once. I think it was the DC-9; the Boeing 707s and DC-8s only had the one cfg. As I say, this had never been a problem for me before until yesterday.

    For me, FSX without HJG aircraft just isn't complete....

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    From what you've replied .... the following definitively statements can be made ....

    The HJG B707/720/C-135 (about to be re-released with new new/upgraded FDE's, gauges, and sound packs), DC-8, and DC-9 simulations/aircraft base packs are each composed of 2X separate CFG.FILE's .... the active version which is for FS9 .... and a separate "FSX specific version" (suffixed _FSX) which needs being manually activated.

    This's necessary for the Smoke Effects to work given the CFG based data supporting these effects is "different" for both FS versions .... and which is the only factor dictating necessity for 2 separate FS version specific CFG FILES .... otherwise both CFG's are identical.

    The only HJG supplied B707/C-135 and DC-8 simulations that feature "a single and dual FS9/FSX CFG.FILe" are those for the B707-700, each of the 5X CFM-56 powered C-135's, and the DC-8-71's, -72's, and 73's .... simply because the engines that power these aircraft types are "virtually smokeless" .... hence an FSX specific Smoke Effects adjusted CFG "IS NOT" necessary.

    The HJG B707/720/C-135's "DO" feature both FS9 and "FSX specific PANEL.CFG files. The active file is the FS9 version, so again, the FSX version needs to be manually activated .... this's necessary for some panel/sub panel view perspectives to work correctly in FSX. The HJG DC-8 panels "DO NOT" require an FSX specific PANEL.CFG though. Both of these aircraft type panel series panels were produced in accordance with the preferences of 2 entirely different HJG developers .... hence this minor variation between them.

    PLEASE NOTE .... the CARAVELLE's "ARE NOT" an HJG product. They're AFG's. HJG only hosts and supports these simulations on behalf of AFG. HJG "DOES NOT" market these simulations as being FSX portable .... simply because it's not been cleared to do so despite the fact its aware these simulations may function quite well "in FSX" although it's not known what, if any, incompatibilities may exist.

    The HJG supplied B707/720/C-135 and DC-8 panels "ARE INDEED" FSX portable and without any known incompatibilities .... other than the their supporting interior panel/FD side views can't display 'in FSX". Here's a few videos showing the HJG DC-8's panels working "in FSX" ....




    DC-8-50 (with a nasty wind shear and aborted landing)


    DC-8-70 SERIES

    No B707/720/C-135 panel videos exist .... yet .... to be able to demonstrate their FSX portability. These "ARE" being produced at the moment and in support of HJG's re-release of these simulations (not yet publicly available though) and which is documented as follows ....

    [bB707/720[/b (all imagery FS9 but these simulations "are" FSX portable)

    [b]C-135 SERIES[/b (all imagery FS9 but these simulations "are" FSX portable)

    PLEASE NOTE .... the HJG supplied DC-9 simulations "ARE" FSX portable, but, their supporting HJG offered panel series .... "IS NOT" FSX portable/compatible though.

    Whilst some alternative panels are available for HJG simulations it "DOES NOT", and "CANNOT", provide technical support for these .... and some (not all) of these alternatives are known to not be entirely compatible with HJG's simulations anyway.

    "IF" .... you've been experiencing difficulty installing any of HJG's FSX portable panels then "I suspect" such could only arise through a particular installation step (maybe the FSFSCONV alias instruction) "possibly" not having being been performed correctly.

    Suggest you post regarding you difficulty/ties .... "on the HJG forum" .... where it's resident FSX specialist should be able to successfully advise/guide you.

    - State precisely what you're trying to install.

    - Explain precisely how you've gone about trying to install it .... and what's happening or not happening as a result.

    - Information in regard to OS and PC specifications is often helpful too .... if not crucial in regard to these matters.

    Again .... and beyond basic advice such as this HJG prefers "not to" conduct product support on FS forums other than it own (it's too awkward to monitor all other forums and otherwise results in both experience and resolutions becoming isolated .... in any case your posting here, like a few others recently too, was simply "chanced upon ). All postings and replies on its own forum are intended to form part of the accumulating and considerable wealth of resource/information concerning each of its simulations .... and which is ultimately intended to aid more folk coming to the home of these simulations than whom may care to ask any question in the first instance.

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