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    Default gauge click n popup

    hi their
    can anyone out there help,i trying too find out how too click a gauge and it pops up[not shift +n][one example is the a2a comanche gps, click it and it pops up],the only reason im asking is that my eyes are not very good any more i have too almost squint too see a gauge using windows 7 ,fsx.i would be really grateful if anyone could show me how too make this happen....thanks for listening......

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    In a nutshell you'd need to add a "magnified" 2D panel window to your panel.cfg and then you'd need to overlay a transparent clickspot on the VC gauge that toggles the magnified window. That assumes the gauge you want to magnify is a 2D gauge placed in the VC by a line in one of the [VcockpitXX] sections of the panel.cfg. If the gauge in question is a 3D gauge built into the model then most likely there will be no way to overlay the transparent clickspot.

    I think the reason you're not getting help with this is because you need to be more specific. Which specific gauge in which specific aircraft are you trying to magnify? With that info someone with the aircraft installed could give you some guidance or at least tell you whether it's possible or not.


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    The only way tp get a 2D gauge to pop up on a 2D panel by clicking on it is to make the gauge clickable, this is done by adding a mouse clickable area to the gauge & this is done by editing the gauge xml file, then the panel.cfg will need entries for each pop up window. If you are happy to have a go at doing this, I would be happy to show you in more detail how to do this & help you through it.
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    I was wondering if you use default gauges, say from the default 737, which has clickable PFD/MFD, and were able to add the gauge and bezels to the appropriate lines in the panel.cfg, would they remain click to pop up?
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    There are a few addons that may help you. FSX MiniPanel and fs2004_minipanel have worked well for me allowing different styles of panel along the abiilty to resize. Both freebies in the library. There is also an inexpensive minipanel available in one of the stores.

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    hi their,
    yeh it would be great if you could show me how too,ive windows7 n fsx,id like to make popups in a2a comanche or of any of the default planes,,....gauges like just the 4 main ones.i really would like too get too know how to....thanks for listening....

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    I can show you an example of how to do a default FSX gauge popup, but it is worth noting that not all gauges are accessible it depends on how they are packaged, .dll & .gau files are not accessible. Another thing you need to know is that the default gauges don't look that good when enlarged because of the low resolution textures used in the gauges.

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    One example of such a gauge is the PFD in the boeing 737.
    PFD is in the VC.
    And when you click anywhere on it, a larger version of the PFD pops up.

    I had a look at that gauge for you. Unfortunately the gauge was created with the ACE editor. "Ace" spits out code that I can't always follow.
    (When I write gauges I still use the "old style code")

    But when readin through that gauge I can still follow along with what is happening in that gauge. (Sort of like when not really being able to write in a foreign language, but still being able to somewhat read them.)

    Here's how it sort of works.

    I had a look at file: pfd.xml
    (File is inside

    It's the last section in the gauge that does the popup bit.
    this section:
            <MouseArea id="MouseArea">
                <MouseArea id="Full Size Me">
                    <MouseClick id="MouseClick">
                        <Script> 500 (&gt;K:PANEL_ID_TOGGLE)</Script>
                    <Tooltip id="Tooltip">
                <Tooltip id="Tooltip">
    Area size: 260,260
    (This is Width x height of the clickspot. In this case it's the whole gauge)

      <Tooltip id="Tooltip">
    This is a standard tooltip within FSX and will show
    the text: Primary Flight Display.
    (the text you see when hovering the mouse over the PFD in the b737-800)

                    <MouseClick id="MouseClick">
                        <Script> 500 (&gt;K:PANEL_ID_TOGGLE)</Script>
    The number 500 is important. For two reasons.
    FIrst of all, it matches with the number 500 in the panel.cfg file of the b737-800.
    This section in the panel.cfg file -- look for "ident=500":
    // Full Size PFD
    gauge01=B737_800!pfd_screen, 0,0, 341,341
    gauge02=B737_800!pfd, 30,27, 280,280

    Because the numbers match, clicking the gauge makes the popup appear.

    Second important thing about the 500 is, this is a standard number.
    The numbers up to 1000 are standard numbers and are linked to certain things. I don't have a list handy now, but from this gauge it seems "500" is the standard number for PFD.

    For your own gauge creationss you can use other numbers. I usually go for numbers above 1000 when I make a popup gauge. (Choosing a number below 1000 for my own gauge creations may make another gauge pop up at the same time.)

    To be honest I can't remember if I ever made a gauge pop up in the way you mean. (I mean, click a vc gauge, make bigger version of same gauge appear.)
    Maybe just once or twaice.
    The reason I did'nt do that often is, there's a simpler way.

    Doing what you want, click gauge--larger version appears, will mean rewriting an existing gauge. that can have unforseen concequences. and you would have to do a lot of test flights to make sure the gauge still works properly and shows what it should. (speed, altitude, for example. And also make sure the gauge does not crash.)

    Instead I usually make a new additional gauge. A simple square button. When clicking the button it makes the large version of a gauge (for example PFD) pop up.
    These buttons are simple 2D gauges.

    I can easily place that square button in the 2D panel.
    And in the VC I can place it as well. Simple trick. Make an existing VC gauge a bit smaller to create room. Then place the scuare button in the freed up area.

    (This image shows how I placed a number of popup buttons (and other buttons) in my 747 VC.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Buttons placed in 747 VC.JPG 
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Size:	121.8 KB 
ID:	223861

    I posted here a while back about creating a popup button.
    I'll see if I can find that thread.

    Ah yes, found it, hope it helps:
    In case link fails adress is:

    In that example a simpler type of XML slang is used to make the gauge.
    Happy flights,

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