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Thread: Basic design in GMAX

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    Default Basic design in GMAX


    I realise that I'm coming very very late to the party, but can anyone point me to a basic
    instructions set as to how to go about using GMAX and creating things in it?

    All help appreciated.


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    A pretty good one is the "house tutorial" that was included with the FS9 gamepack SDK. I don't think it was included with the FSX gamepack. Do you have a gamepack installed and if so, which sim is it for? If FS9, go into the gmax\gamepacks\fs2004\docs folder and find "gmaxSceneryTutorial.doc", that's the infamous "house tutorial" and it'll walk you through creating the geometry for a simple house, texturing it, and exporting it to the sim. The texture sheets are included IIRC so you don't even have to make those for this first attempt. If it's FSX you're interested in modeling for you can still install the FS9 gamepack alongside the FSX gamepack to get the house tutorial. FS9 gmax gamepack SDK is available here:

    If you have any questions ask away.

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