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Thread: Time traveling back to MSP

  1. Default Time traveling back to MSP

    Looking at my screenshots, I'm wondering, what can I do better? I feel like my images come out grainy or edgy. I'm sure the fuzzy weather I chose doesn't help either.

    This is FS9, screen shot pasted into Paint, saved as JPG per upload size limit. I don't have my resolution numbers in front of me as I'm not at home, but I suspect it's not a high resolution as it's all done on a small laptop.

    What do some of you use as your program/process of taking screenies to share? I'd like to get better for when I start sharing MSFS202020020200202.

    I also think I didn't get the install quite right of MSP, as the main building doesn't show a texture, but that's on me.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	NWMSP.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	NWMSP1.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	NWMSP2.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	NWMSP4.jpg 
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    - James

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    These aren't too bad James. The sharpness could be improved, but that could be due to the video card in your laptop. You also might try some adjustments to your FS9.cfg file. There are a lot of different suggestions out there, so try a search and try some of the suggestions.

    Try some of the tweaks on this web site:


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    Thanks for the tip Larry, I'll check it out.

    My laptop video card wasn't meant for any sort of gaming, and has run FS9 rather smoothly as a favor for longer than I expected. How much longer it will run is not clear as I suspect some recent stuttering is signaling the end.
    - James

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    Interesting shots. As to the issues, it's hard to even guess. You've mentioned several variables. Remember any specific shots are different depending on how they were taken. And In a flight sim sliders for scenery density, weather, traffic, etc. all play into it! It's, IMO a matter of "pausing" the flight and only moving one setting at a time. If there's an end all be all panacea I haven't seen it yet.

    And yes, I have 2020, P3D 4.5, FSX,FS9, etc.,etc. and my/your shots can still be "Garbage In Garbage Out!" The color, contrast, or even the ability to find you own home in a shot might initially knock your socks off till you take the time to consider the details.

    We went through that initial shock and awe a years ago with "photo-real" scenery when a guy could identify where he first "shagged" his future wife in a bike shelter when "photo-real" first came out. Yes you could tell it was a shed, possibly a bike shelter, but then and now regardless of format or software choice, IMHO a poor shot is still a poor shot!

    Having said that, at one time or another we've probably done better and probably worse than what you posted as well! Nothing to be ashamed of in any way!!The main thing, again IMHO is you're trying!!

    Personally I just use a sizing program to bring the specs down to the really low requirements for posting here. RW with cameras and in fight sims as well, my shots are already either good or terrible period!!

    Like RW photography, the quality of the end result in sim shots is either there or it is not therefore before each shot is ever taken! Whatever you do or change afterwards, even in your sim, the end result is just a "patch!"

    I recently read an article from a world renowned environmental photographer who says she never uses electronic cameras because they just fire and fire, like a machine gun. "You take 500 shots and maybe if you're lucky, five or even ten are use-able!" She only shoots old fashioned rolls of ten to at most twelve exposure film in her roll film camera. So she has to take the time and consider everything before she takes even the first shot! She takes shots in the great outdoors so other than clouds and unexpected traffic whether animal or machine, things pretty much don't change while she's setting her shot up.

    But in the FS world we are even more lucky!! We can pause a flight and not even worry about cloud shift, dust, or perhaps an SUV showing in our frame just before shooting it!!! So pause your scene slightly before you actually get to what or where you plan to "shoot." Then take several screen shots at various angles etc..

    The next step is to go back and look at your initial screenshots, You can then make changes in your sliders, "camera angle," camera view, weather, etc. and take additional shots, review them, and adjust again until they appear as you wish.

    Then after you're happy with what you're looking at in the preview shots, which camera shot, camera angle, weather, scenery density, etc. you're good to go! Take a deep breath, un-pause your flight, and fire the shots when your desired location comes into sight.


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    Thanks for your input Michael, I always enjoy reading your posts, and your use of bold.
    - James

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    Made me think of Die Hard movie great shots
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    Quote Originally Posted by daspinall View Post
    Made me think of Die Hard movie great shots
    Same thought here!

    Liked the shots James.

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