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Thread: Models for MSFS2020

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    Smile Models for MSFS2020

    Hi, I am busy making farm strip scenery for 2020 and was wondering if anyone could convert some obj's from my sketchup models to working models for me (not ones I have to build myself inside the programme). I am busy learning things about the sdk and placing my models I'm getting on in years and so my brain can only take so much learning.
    If anyone can help until I can make time to learn it would much appreciate it. I will reward you with copies of my farm strip volumes.

    [email protected]

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    I'm not a developer but I've been following your updates my friend.
    I got all excited when I saw you had modelled Rayne Airstrip. My excitement has been because I've been waiting for you to model EGSL (Andrewsfield) where I used to fly from in my own PA 28-180.

    Hope springs eternal !!! I live near EGSL, if you need any ground photos I'm happy to help.
    Kind regards and thanks for what you've been doing.
    Mark Lewis.

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