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Thread: I'll wait for the updates!

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    Default I'll wait for the updates!

    I bought the Deluxe version of 2020 hoping to see fabulous improvements to my sim experience. WRONG!! Without making huge concessions to real world issues, it isn't even useable

    For years as a 100% combat disabled veteran RW fixed wing and chopper pilot I have used three monitors one showing virtual cockpit view, two left side view, and three right side view each trimmed to appear to be what I saw as a RW pilot looking out the front, left and right windows. Plus another yet another 4th view with my pad to view to include my Auto-pilot functions. Using those abilities I could enjoy a view as a RW fixed wing combat fixed wing and chopper pilot saw it.

    Those view options were provided in FS9, FSX, and P3d so IMHO it can't believe they are that tough to do!! To date 2020 doesn't allow that option at all. How can you claim to fly a simulator without having the ability to see what's all around you!!?? Yes, most of the new views are pretty, but pretty IMHO isn't at all the vision of a sim!!

    The next issue I encountered is that I have a Saitek Yoke, Throttle panel, Rudders, and Multi-panel. The normal and expected conventions such as C1 and C2 were gear up and down, B1 and B2 flaps moving up and down aren't what 2020 expects to see! WHY do they choose to change from what their FS9, FSX. as well as P3D products were set up to be as the standards!!??

    To my mind this whole 2020 concept is intended to be an online game for people with Xboxes or whatever they use this week! Yet again Microsoft has no, zero, interest in moving forward with any products that made them this hugely successful!!!!

    I'm sorry I wasted a hundred+ bucks to buy an online game or hand held game like Ghostbusters!! Which is obviously their intent to sell!!!

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    i9-9900K CPU currently running 5gig + -, 64GB DDR4 3200, Kraken 289mm Water cooler, AMD 5700XT Direct12 video card, 1 TB SSD & 480GB SSD.

    Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow using either FSX, 2020, or P3Dv5, all with a ton of ORBX scenery .

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    Ya; your not alone judging from the multitudes of complaints I have seen.

    I am a low and slow GA type so its working for me at the moment. The C152 appears to be the best plane and the photogrammetry scenery in the area I fly in is a giant leap forward.

    If MS/ASOBO wanted to put it out as early as the did they should have been more up front about the problems that they had to have known existed with the sim. Would have avoided a lot of angry customers like yourself and I doubt that that many people would have not bought into to it in a "early state" but you know how things can be when money is involved. Tends to make otherwise logically minded people do things they normally would not do.
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    I agree 100% with everything said here.

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    Hi Michael, you can customise your Saitek yoke & throttles etc in the controller settings. There are plenty of YouTube videos & tutorials etc showing how to do this but it’s relatively easy.

    As for your screens.. Microsoft will be adding multiple monitor support but in the mean time you can drag the view across three screens as I do

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thank you for your service!

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    Wait then.

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    Rupert, Maybe a reading of reviews & a bit of due diligence google research to see if MSFS ticked all your boxes for you, and maybe a bit of patience would have prevented your rant?

    Remember, with reference to your real-world flying, you do realise that MSFS is licensed as an entertainment product? So you possibly call it a game that simulates a simulator, I suppose.

    By the way, there are many thousands of users that find it very usable & flyable.

    You ask as to WHY they chose to change what their previous products were set up for?
    The simple answer is that those previous products were developed by ACES Gaming Studios, Microsoft's long defunct game designing studio. MSFS is being developed by an independent contracted company, very well established, called Asobo.

    Maybe you could have saved your $100+ by patience & a bit of due diligence. Mea Culpa.
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    Cant lay it all on rupert especially if it was purchased day of release. I followed the development of this sim from day one and there were still plenty of, shall we say, unpleasant surprises for me when I actually got to start using it.

    The only way to have known would have been to hold off on the purchase and followed forums like this. At any rate, there does seem to be an abnormal amount of complaints about this product. They cant all be wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by natman1965 View Post
    At any rate, there does seem to be an abnormal amount of complaints about this product. They cant all be wrong.
    It's the most accepted gaming failure I've witnessed in 40+ years of gaming. Heck, even the MSFS site and forums haven't worked for several hours now. There's nothing left to break! lol
    Mark Daniels

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    I think a lot of complaints could have been avoided with a proper manual.

    Initial complaints, for example, "why cant we detach instruments screens". We eventually, through trial and error, find out you can.

    Another....."why cant i land the aircraft like i could in FSX", turns out the flight model is much more lifelike so takes some practice.

    There are of course legitimate gripes like some users CTD's and initial download problems but a lot of issues could have been answered faster with an in depth manual.

    We were all basically thrown in the deep end, but now we are starting to swim and enjoy the water.

    The problem is we were all expecting an expansion of the existing sims but we got a whole new one, one that takes a while to get comfortable with.

    What I do think is a shame is that the percieved (or in some cases real) issues have turned away long time simmers, at least for the time being.


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