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    Default Mountain Rock Textures

    Hi all:
    I have been running FSX now for about 7 years and I have my installation quite good. I am running UTX, GEX, mesh addons, etc. I did try Orbx but their stuff just didn't work out for me. The one area I am not happy with FSX is the mountain terrain where the surface is rocks. The textures seem coarse and the color isn't right. Areas with vegetation are satisfactory, but the rocky terrain just doesn't look right. Does anyone have ideas on add on textures for that narrow rocky area? Payware or freeware is ok.
    Thanks in advance

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    Maybe Freemeshx could help - not got it myself but screenshots look good in rocky areas. Big download tho
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    Hi I think I can help I am working on a copy of The Natural World graphics upgrade for FSXSE and hopefully tweak it to work in FSX I re-branded Howards Mix for FX9 to The Natural World the latest been TNW2019 freeware, I also Have a copy in the Store here for P3D v5. I have not got a due date as yet suggest staying in tough for the latest infor by email until I get my web site sorted and an new Facebook account put out, I could possibly send some early release textures when I have some ready.

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    Try the new Freeware textures by Aime Leclerc.

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    Thanks everyone for your responses. I investigated Top Gun's suggestion to look at Aime Leclerc's work and was very pleased to find that Aime had developed wide ranging Texture upgrades as well as rock Texture upgrades. The rock Textures were a noticeable, immediate upgrade on GEX/UTX. I'm still looking at the general Texture upgrades.
    Thanks again

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    Default On second thought.....

    Hi all (again):
    After experimenting with the Leclercq textures it seems that they are in conflict with either GTX or UTX. I notice that the textures are installed in Scenery/World/Texture, but GEX/UTX don't use some or all of those textures. I'm puzzled. Does that sound right?

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