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    I upgraded Windows 10 some time ago. It was successful and I was able to keep all my personal files. Now I can't boot into Windows 10. I started my Laptop today, after some time i kept getting errors and couldn't launch anything, then I decided to restart. When I restarted, was greeted by a message on the bottom, something about checking the hard drive for corruption My Laptop restarted after some time I saw "Automatic repair couldn't repair your PC". I tried to restart. When that didn't work I tried every single thing in the "Advanced" tab. I looked up my issue online and put in several different commands into the command prompt running from the X: drive (Win10's recovery drive I think). Nothing worked.

    I tried the reset, choosing "keep personal files". This was followed by a message that said Windows couldn't reset. I also tried going back to the latest update and "reverting" to Windows 10 to see similar errors. I can't start the Windows 10 drive in safe mode, because every time I go to the "Startup Settings" menu and press restart, Windows 10 goes back to the Automatic Repair thing. I can't start in safe mode or do any of the other actions on that menu because of this. I guess I could just install Windows 10 from scratch and copy needed personal files, but this would take lots of time and effort. Is there any way to get back to my normal Windows 10?

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    Install your back-up copy of Windows 10.

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    If you bought the Windows Update from MicroSoft Store, contact MicroSoft support, and they can fix it for you. If it is a copy you bought from joe smuck, it might be a bootleg copy, or an OEM version, intended for use by a particular computer builder. In that case, you may be in for a lot of grief.
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