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Thread: Lost MSFS Premium after upgrade

  1. Default Lost MSFS Premium after upgrade

    I lost MSFS Deluxe and Premium after the windows upgrade. Basic is running but I can't load the others, when I go to the store it says I own them but gives an lanugage error with no option to load. I read some hits on line and nothing seems to work when I try them. I did find something that said there was a problem with Windos 10 upgrade. Anybody have this problem or a fix.
    Thanks for assistance.

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    I had the same problem. After two and a half weeks of back and forth with Zendesk and no cure I run the sim from the command line and that solved my problem. I do not know if it will work for you but just give it a try. Good luck.

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    I worked with tech support for windows and he got into my computer and fixed the problem.
    I tried a few things and got the insert disk problem, so I had to make the call. Not sure what the problem was but it's working now. Thanks for the response.

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