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Thread: FS2004 will not start.

  1. Unhappy FS2004 will not start.

    Dear flightsimmers,
    I have 2 flightsims installed on my computer. FS2004 and FSX, both in the same D-directory. If I want to start FS2004, this flightsim will not start. The message appears: "Flightsim is already running" Is the installed FSX "the bad guy"? I like to keep both flightsims on my PC.
    Somebody gives me the sollution to us both flightsims? Deactivating FSX before starting FS2004 is no option.

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    A little more info would be helpful.

    Operating system?
    Are you trying to run both at the same time?
    Have you tried to look at the windows task manager after the error message?
    By deactivating do you mean uninstall?

    These would be helpful to anyone to begin to diagnose your problem.
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    Sounds like you might be using Win 7?
    Mark Daniels

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    My operating system is Windows 10.
    I don't run FS9 and FSX at the same time.By deactivating I mean that I dont mean uninstall but not starting-up FSX.
    Where do I find the windows task manager?

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    Have you installed the no CD patch?
    Tom Gibson

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    If it says it's already running, is there another instance of FS9.EXE running in Task Manager?



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    Windows Task Manager:
    Ctrl-Alt-Del together (Computers 101)
    (or Google How to find Windows Task Manager)

    Did you install FS2004 in C:\ & NOT it's default directory?
    Did you install the FS2004 9.1 update?
    Did you install the FS2004 NOCD patch?
    (Optional: did you try run in XP compatibility mode & as Administrator)

    If NO, to any of the above, FS2004 will not work!
    Cape Town, South Africa

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    You can't run FSX and FS9 at the same time. You can run them both on the same computer, and on the same drive but not at the same time. They are both known to the operating system as Microsoft Flight Simulator and only one instance at a time is possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luke View Post
    If it says it's already running, is there another instance of FS9.EXE running in Task Manager?


    If it is there, reboot your machine and check again.
    Mark Daniels

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